Apara Ekadashi 2022: Apara Ekadashi is being celebrated in rare yoga today, don’t forget to do this work or else it will be inauspicious

Apara Ekadashi 2022 in Auspicious Yog: Apara Ekadashi 2022 / Achala Ekadashi is fasting in Hindu religions today i.e. on 26 May. This fast is observed every year on Ekadashi Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Jyeshth month. On this day Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi are worshipped. Due to this, Mother Lakshmi is pleased and gives boons to the devotees for the attainment of immense wealth and happiness and prosperity. It is believed that by observing Apara Ekadashi Vrat 2022, immense virtue is attained.

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  • On the day of Apara Ekadashi / Achala Ekadashi, rice should not be eaten even after forgetting the fast. Due to this, the mind becomes restless and the concentration of the mind is disturbed at the time of devotion to Lord Vishnu.
  • The fasting should not consume garlic, onion during Ekadashi fast.
  • Apara Ekadashi The thought of consuming meat or drinking alcohol should not be brought to mind.  
  • Brahmacharya should be followed in Achala Ekadashi fast. One should be absorbed in the worship and worship of God day and night."text-align: justify;">Apara Ekadashi 2022 auspicious Muhurta (< strong>Apara Ekadashi 2022 Shubh Muhurt)

    • Ekadashi Tithi Ka Start: 25 May 2022 at 10 am From 32 minutes to
    • Ekadashi Tithi ki end : > On 26th May 2022 at 10:54 am
    • Apara Ekadashi Vrat Paran Ka good time: May 27 from 05:25 am to 08:10 am Till

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