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The Episode starts with Barkha messaging Nick from her number. He gets thinking of her birth time. Pallavi comes and outs Brkha’s phone on charging. She apologizes to Barkha. She recalls Manna. Bua introduces Manna to the media. She goes to call Nick. Manna and Bua come to Nick. Nick’s sister asks him to come and talk to the media. Manna asks him to give his phone. He says no, it was imp that you came on the launch. Manna asks what’s so imp, I had gone on shopping. Bua asks why do you want Nick’s phone. Manna checks the messages. She says I have wished Bhai happy birthday from your side. She goes. Bua says Manna will not forget this, I have sent you a reminder also. He says Manna is just like her mum.

Pallavi takes her mum’s class. Maa says children were talking about him, sorry, I didn’t tell them anything. Pallavi says don’t take his name again, Barkha is like him, same anger and ego. She cries. Manna talks to her friend. She says I feel mom has taken dad along, and left a ATM for us, I never saw him caring for me, he just cares for money, I m very rich, but I don’t have my mum and dad, Bhai and I take care of each other, dad is just a word for us. Chang gives a double share deal to Nick for opening a hotel in India. Pallavi says I will take more orders and earn money for Barkha, what else do I have except my children. Chang says I will offer triple. Nick shouts on his sister. He says India deal is a big no. His friend asks what’s wrong with you. Nick shows Barkha’s message. Jai asks him to decide, what to do, reply the message or not. Nick replies. Jai asks what did you reply. Barkha talks to Ishaan. She says I got a message, he wrote he isn’t my dad. He says its your dad for sure.

Pammi aunty meets Nick. Nick says we didn’t meet before. She gets over friendly. Nick goes. Jai says Nick didn’t accept your profile in his account. He recalls making a profile for Nick on wedding bells app. He thinks how to say that I made the profile. Nick’s sister asks what happened to Nick, he has rejected the deal.

Pammi says I will get Nick married. Jai thinks oh no. Nick asks what app, what is she saying. Jai says she might be trying for you. Nick says no, don’t tell me that its marriage profile, I have to just work, I have to earn money just to show her. Jai says Barkha is your daughter. Nick says I m not interested in relations. He drinks. He thinks why can’t I forget this message, will it be right that I don’t attend her marriage. Pallavi does the work. She loses focus. She burns the food. The client asks what are you saying, we have come from far. Pallavi apologizes to them and says this order is very imp for me, I have to educate my daughter, else she will hate me, please give me a chance. She cries. The lady says we will see what you have made, go and get the food. Pallavi runs to get the food. The lady likes the chutney. Pallavi asks did you like it. The lady says yes, don’t worry, I also have a daughter, I know children’s needs, this deal is done from our side. Pallavi says you are giving me the order by just tasting the chutney, not the food. The lady praises the chutney’s taste. She gives her the advance. She says guest count will be told to you. Pallavi says thanks, I won’t let you complain. The lady leaves. Barkha feels lonely. She messages Nick. She gets emotional and says I wished my dad had come in my marriage, you aren’t my dad, but you can do bhangra in your daughter’s marriage. She goes crying. Nick says Bakha is my daughter, I will go to be a part of her marriage. Jai says it means you want to go on the excuse of the hotel deal. Nick says yes. Jai says it means it is going to be a secret, you will not go in front to meet them but just do the arrangements. Nick nods. Pallavi puts her savings and thinks to send Barkha for further studies.

The Episode ends

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