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The Episode starts with three drunkards coming to the restaurant and giving the order to Ishaan. Ishaan says restaurant is closed. The guy points the gun at him. Pallavi comes running and says kitchen is close. The guy says then open the kitchen. She orders the chaat from outside. She saves Ishaan. The guys eat the chaat. Pallavi sends the servant. The guy gives money. Pallavi says prasad has no cost, you can think its Bhandara food. The guy asks him to keep the money. The guys leave. Ishaan asks didn’t you get scared. Pallavi says my daughter is ready to elope and marry, I m not scared for anything. Nick talks to Shanky about the Indian wedding. Manna hears this and says what the hell, dad is getting married. Nick says I forgot my tab, just wait. Manna rushes and instals the location tracker in his phone. Nick takes the tab and leaves. She calls Bua and says I need to talk to you urgently, I had to put the tracker on his tab, dad is getting married. Bua asks what. Pallavi says I have made savings for my kids, what shall I do, tell me, should I use this money for Barkha’s marriage or career. Ishaan says hats off to you, I can understand and see that you are strong, you have pain in you, what’s the reason for these complications. She says its late, you should leave. He leaves.

Nick is onboard. Shanky jokes. Nick says people don’t care for love, find out the guy’s family, who is Barkha marrying, she is just 18 years, she isn’t matured enough to get married. Shanky asks him to show this love to Manna and Harsh. Nick asks him to find out about the guy. Bua says Nick can’t go to India. Manna says I m keeping an eye on him, because I found this, his profile is on the wedding app. Bua says he can’t hide such a big thing. Manna says he has booked a flight ticket to India, he is secretly marrying. Bua says please stop, he didn’t tell me, go to your room. She says did Nick go back to that woman. Pallavi says I will send Barkha to Delhi for studies, have the mango chutney, Barkha has an allergy to mango. Barkha comes and says Ishaan said we won’t marry right now. Pallavi says I said your studies are imp. Barkha argues. She sits noting down the expenses. Maa asks her to stop it, its too much. Barkha says Ishaan fulfills my wishes, he has a big thinking, I will return your money. Pallavi asks can you return me the years I invested. She asks Barkha to stop it. She says you can complain, but you can’t count, you can go, don’t see my face. She scolds Barkha.

She goes crying. Maa says children get angry in this age, tough time will pass soon. She consoles Pallavi. Pallavi goes to talk to Barkha. She asks where did she go. Gagan says she went outside. She asks did you had this mango chutney. He says no. She asks did Barkha eat this. She goes and looks for the pills. She calls Barkha. Barkha disconnects. Pallavi runs out of the house. Nick and Shanky reach Meerut. Shanky says I will call your daughter. Nick says I will call her when the time is right, I hope she convinced her mom. Barkha faints down on the road. The people attend her. Nick is stuck in the traffic. A man says I m a doctor. He asks Barkha what happened to her. She says allergy, mango allergy. He asks someone for the pill or an alternative. Nick asks why is the crowd there. Doctor asks for the pill. Nick says I have it. Doctor says good, that girl has mango allergy. Nick says mango allergy is rare, I need to see this. He gets a call. Doctor treats Barkha. He says that man was here to help you, you are lucky, you will be fine in some time. Pallavi comes there. Shanky says you saved that girl’s life. Pallavi asks Barkha are you fine. Barkha says yes. Pallavi takes her. Nick leaves.

He says mango allergy is rare, I felt strange, I can’t explain it to you. The man says you daughter got saved, a nice man gave the medicine and saved her. Pallavi says sorry, you had the mango chutney by mistake. Barkha says I had it intentionally. Nick and Shanky come to the hotel. Nick sits thinking. Shanky asks where are you lost. Nick says I m thinking of that girl, she would be someone’s daughter too. Shanky jokes on his fatherhood. He says I found out, Barkha isn’t marrying. Nick asks why would she lie to me. Shanky says I will call that Pallavi. Nick says we will focus on our business now. Shanky says you have a relation with Pallavi. Nick shouts no. Pallavi gets Barkha’s alliance to Ishaan’s house. Ishaan calls Barkha and says your mom got the alliance here. Pallavi says children are serious for the marriage, Barkha wants to marry Ishaan. Ishaan says your mom agreed. Barkha asks really. She happily dances. Ishaan also dances in his house. His aunt taunts Pallavi about her husband. He asks is Barkha’s dad there, will he come in the marriage. Pallavi says no. Aunt asks who will do the kanyadaan. Pallavi says I will do it, I m her mum and dad, do you want to ask anything else. Ranveer asks where is Pallavi. Lalita says you look excited. He says new investors are coming tonight. Pallavi invites them for dinner. Ranveer says it’s a good chance to impress Nick. Nick says done.

Nick meets Ishaan’s family. Pallavi stands with him for the family pic. They argue. He says Barkha wanted me to come here. She asks what.

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