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The Episode starts with Barkha asking Manna to accept Ishaan’s love. She leaves. Manna smiles. Ishaan says you love me, right. They hug. He asks her to speak her feelings. She says Barkha is really mature. Nick says Badal will handle this café now, we will be taking an off. Harsh says we had to convince Badal a lot. Pallavi congratulates and blesses Badal. Barkha comes and says I need to talk, Ishaan and I loved each other, we wanted to marry, but I wanted to just run out of this house, it would have been wrong with him, I want to be with family. Manna and Ishaan come, and say we love each other. Nick asks what did you say. Ishaan says Sir, Manna and I… Nick says if you can say it in front of everyone, then tell me, you love Manna. Ishaan says yes, we love each other. Nick says you can say this meeting my eyes. Ishaan says I was heartbroken when Barkha broke the engagement, I met Manna, I realized, it was for the food, if you permit me, I want to marry Manna. Pallavi nods. Nick says take care of her. Badal jokes. Nick says focus on your career, we will get you both married when right time comes. Ishaan says yes, Barkha united us. Pallavi hugs Barkha and praises her. The kids tease Pallavi and Nick. Nick also teases her. She says everyone is here, just come with me. They go aside. He asks did you try to find me on internet. She says I had much bitterness in me when we got separated. He says we are together now, we will think about our kids’ future, I want to start my new life with you. They hug and recall their moments. She cries. He wipes her tears. Meri duniya…plays… He asks her not to cry. He says I hate tears. She teases him. Gagan says mom and dad can fight again. Manna says you know what’s today, their court marriage anniversary. Barkha says mom doesn’t forget this, you remember what happened. Badal says it was a big drama in the house. FB shows Barkha, Badal and Gagan talking about Pallavi’s spoiled mood. They get worried. FB ends. Pallavi and Nick have a cute fight. They ask the kids to select their teams. Pallavi leaves with Manna and Harsh. Barkha asks Nick not to get angry. Nick tells about his friend Natasha. He says your mum just needs an excuse to fight, I m upset, Harsh and Manna are in Pallavi’s team. Manna goes to Pallavi. Pallavi complains about Nick. Harsh smiles. He also tells about Natasha.

Nick also complains about Pallavi. The kids smile. Nick says its our anniversary today, still she wants to fight, she fought about Natasha, a super hot model wanted to talk to me, I just talked to her, what wrong did I go. Gagan says you went on me. Nick says you all are foolish like your mum. Barkha says don’t fight today, we want to celebrate this day with you both. Nick says I won’t go to talk to her. Manna messages them. They ask Nick to agree. Nick says stop, you all are on Pallavi’s side, I m going. He feels hungry and goes to have bread. Pallavi says bread toast is here. He says I m not hungry. She jokes on him. He says you don’t know any style.

They argue. She says its 18th November, you don’t remember anything. She says this half toast is for you, when we had a court marriage, our mums came late, it rained a lot, we were nervous. He says I was so hungry, we went to have sandwich, we had a jam toast. She says yes, we shared it, you gave him a note with our initials. He says yes, I told that, if our love is true, then we will get that note back. She shows the note. She says I got this note today, the rickshaw man gave me this note. He says I can’t believe this, I wrote this. She says yes, our love is true, this is a Lord’s sign, we united after 18 years and got this note. The clock strikes 12. They wish happy anniversary to each other. They hug and smile.

The kids come and wish them. They ask did you have the patchup because of the sandwich. Nick and Pallavi show the note. Pallavi says your love has got us together. Nick says always respect each other, don’t lessen your love. They all hug. Nick thinks Pallavi’s love made our relation overcome the problems, she raised the kids well, I love you Pallavi. Pallavi thanks Nick for giving her family, her kids back. Manna says we will always remember this Apnapan.

The episode ends

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