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The Episode starts with everyone having their pics clicked. Lalita goes and taunts Nandita and Sonali. Sonali says I will go to Pallavi for pic later, there is much crowd now. Lalita says their jodi is like Ram and Sita, right, they have perfect love goals, this is called power couple. She goes. Nandita asks what’s her problem. Nimmi is upset. Barkha says I m sorry, don’t get upset, come with me and have sweets. Nimmi scolds her. She says this happens every time. Ishaan’s mum asks about him. Nimmi argues. Barkha looks for Ishaan. Nandita asks why did you take a big risk with those rings, you got saved. Sonali says Manna would have found out. Nandita says if everyone knew about you, then you would have gone out. Sonali says the rift in their relation is still there. Nandita says I can’t see that, I feel they got much closer than before, don’t play with me, why couldn’t Pallavi refuse for marriage, she is stubborn, shameless, she is marrying Nick. Sonali says its okay, don’t get hyper, have patience, I have to shaken their relation from the root. Nandita says all the best, don’t get hyper, get lost and do your job. Sonali goes. Ishaan stops Manna and asks how long will you hide from me.

She says you can’t come to my room. He says I will come until you answer me. She asks him to go and talk to Barkha. She says there can’t be any possibility that we become a couple. He asks is there nothing between us. She says no. He asks sure. She cries. He says we were almost going to kiss that day. She says you were almost going to marry Barkha, just go, Barkha is coming here, she will see us. He says let her come and know that I don’t feel for her, I didn’t think I will feel for someone, you have become imp for me, I want to make an announcement. She asks him to please go, Barkha is coming. She sees Barkha coming. He says I m not going anywhere. She hides him in the cupboard. He asks what’s all this. She turns and smiles seeing Barkha. Pallavi sees Sonali. Badal gets sweets for Sonali. She says no, it will have much sugar. He says I didn’t know you are calories conscious. She starts acting. He says you are with the family now, you didn’t tell me, why mum and dad got divorced. Pallavi looks on and thinks to keep her children away from Sonali, especially Badal. Gagan asks Pallavi to come with her. Sonali asks Badal to ask Pallavi, he will get all the answers.

Barkha asks about Ishaan. Manna asks why will I see him. Barkha asks what’s going on between Ishaan and you. Manna says he is your type, not my type. Barkha says great, but I m seeing that he is always with you. Manna says don’t overthink, its your mistake, maybe he is giving you attitude, don’t worry. Ishaan pushes the door. Barkha says love is a security, I can feel that his love is getting less, I miss him, you know I can fight him, but we have a deep attachment. Sonali says when you love someone, then you shouldn’t let him go away. Badal says you are right, mum and dad love each other a lot, so they are uniting after many years, I feel this new relation will make their bond strong. Pallavi thinks what is she talking to Badal. Gagan and Badal go. Sonali sees Pallavi. Pallavi asks what were you talking to Badal. Sonali says nothing, ask him, he wanted to ask about the past, I didn’t tell him anything, are you fine. Pallavi says yes, I will get fine if you stop talking to me. They argue. Barkha says if you are interested in Ishaan, then step back. Manna says I will never step ahead for him. Barkha says always remember I m your sister. Sonali acts and says I just want to see you and Nick happy, just you have a right on Nick. Barkha says just I have a right on Ishaan, I will get all his attention. Manna says you are my family, I won’t hurt you. Pallavi says family never hurts each other. Sonali apologizes. She says I want to fix the mistakes. Barkha says sorry, thanks, I m lucky to get a sister like you, will you help me in getting Ishaan back. Manna says I m always with you. Barkha says if you find him, then send him to me. She goes. Ishaan asks Manna to listen. She says don’t follow me now. Pallavi says its mum’s decision that you are here. Sonali says I will leave. They hear Nick talking about the past. Sonali smiles seeing him. Pallavi gets angry.

Nick says I feel indigestion. Pallavi says I kept your medicine in the kitchen. He says you kept it, I will get it. She says you don’t find it. He says I will get it. She also goes to help him. She sees Sonali and Nick.

Nandita talks to Sonali. Pallavi scolds Sonali and asks what do you want. Dadi worries for Pallavi.

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