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Shark Tank 2 is one of those shows which had a great start owing to all the hype it got in season 1. As we all are already aware of the fact that former Shark Tank India judge Ashneer Grover is not leading the panel this season and his absence is missed by all. Recently, another judge from the show Namita Thapar made comment that there is no toxicity in the show this season and she was for sure taking a jibe at no one other than Ashneer.

Ashneer was asked about Namita’s comments on a recent podcast, when she indicated that the key difference between the first and second seasons will be a lack of toxicity, in front of a packed crowd of thousands at IIT Kharagpur’s annual fair.

Ashneer had built a no-nonsense reputation during his time on the show and was very straight forward when it came to business decisions. he was not emotional at all and had practical approach which had no coats of sugar, whatsoever. Anupam Mittal, who was also present at the interview during which Namita made her remark, stated that no pitcher would be humiliated in season two, as some were in the previous season.

Ashneer replies to the question and says, “See, I didn’t even mention Namita once. There’s a reason for that; I don’t miss her. But she misses me. She can call it whatever she likes, but she is missing me.” Ashneer said that he is very certain about not returning to the show. He said, “I am giving it to you in writing, I won’t return for the third, fourth, or even fifth season. And I’ll tell you why; I don’t believe in going backwards in life, I believe in moving ahead. I enjoyed Shark Tank while it lasted, I became famous, it was fun, but now it’s time to move on”.

Well, the podcast received many reviewers and you too can hear it if you want to decide if Namita was really veiling her feelings under that remark.

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