Astro Tips: Keep these 5 things related to Maa Lakshmi at home, the house will be full of wealth

Astrology Tips, Goddess Lakshmi Puja: In Hinduism, Maa Lakshmi has been called the goddess of wealth and prosperity. That’s why every person worships and worships Maa Lakshmi to please her and get her blessings, but Maa Lakshmi’s nature is fickle. That’s why she does not reside in one place.

If you want Maa Lakshmi to reside at your home too, then in astrology, some such things have been told that by keeping them at home, the blessings of Maa Lakshmi remain. These things are related to Maa Lakshmi and by keeping them at home there is never any shortage of wealth with the blessings of Maa Lakshmi.

These 5 things are related to Maa Lakshmi

  • Dakshinavarti conch- According to mythology, the Dakshinavarti conch was obtained from the churning of the ocean. It is also considered the brother of Goddess Lakshmi. According to astrology, the house where this rare conch is kept, the mother resides there. Along with this, it is also considered auspicious to blow this conch in the worship of Goddess Lakshmi. Madhyavarti conch along with Dakshinavarti is also considered rare.
  • Tulsi plant- Tulsi plant is considered sacred and worshipable in Hinduism. According to mythology, Shri Krishna, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, brought Tulsi to the earth. That’s why any worship of Lord Vishnu and Shri Krishna is considered incomplete without Tulsi leaves. Mother Lakshmi also resides in the house where there is a green Tulsi plant.
  • Broom- Broom is related to cleanliness. It is said that the house where there is cleanliness, Goddess Lakshmi also resides there. It has been considered as the form of Maa Lakshmi.  That’s why many rules have been given regarding the maintenance of broom in Hindu religion.  
  • Footprints of Maa Lakshmi- The feet of Maa Lakshmi at the main door of the house. By applying the symbol, happiness and prosperity resides in the house. Mother Lakshmi arrives at such a house. But if you put the footprints of Maa Lakshmi on the main door of the house, then keep in mind that there should be no dirt in the main door. Clean this place daily and light a ghee lamp in the evening.
  • Lord Vishnu- Keep an idol or picture of Lord Vishnu along with Maa Lakshmi at home and worship him every day. Worship Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. Mother Lakshmi is the wife of Lord Vishnu. That’s why the house where Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped along with Lord Vishnu, she resides there. Also there is no shortage of money in such a house.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on beliefs and information only. It is necessary to mention here that does not confirm any kind of recognition, information. Please seek relevant expert advice before acting on any information or assumptions.

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