Astrology: These zodiac signs take a long time to express love

Astrology, Zodiac Sign: According to astrology, there is an effect of planets and constellations on the zodiac signs. The fifth house of the horoscope represents love relationships. On the other hand, when cruel, sinful and fiery planets affect these zodiac signs, then such people are not able to easily bring their words to the heart, that is, they hesitate to express, due to which they also have to suffer. What are these zodiac signs, let’s know-

Taurus – In astrology, the lord of Taurus is Venus. The planet Venus is also considered as the factor of pleasure. When Venus is auspicious and strong in the horoscope of Taurus, then such people fall in love quickly. But at the same time, when Venus becomes weak or corrupted by malefic planets Rahu or Ketu, then the situation changes. In this situation the person is afraid to speak his mind. Such people keep on tolerating even the wrong things silently. These people take a lot of time to bring the matter of the heart to the tongue. An unknown fear keeps haunting them. Sometimes they also keep unnecessary stubbornness in mind. Because of which, what is going on in their mind, the person in front is not able to guess. People whose name starts with ‘E, Oo, A, O, Va, Vee, Wu, Ve, Vo, their zodiac sign is called Taurus.  

Leo (Leo)- People of this zodiac cannot be understood easily. They are very deep. These people bury even the deepest things in their chest. No secret can come out of their mouth. They believe in doing their tasks silently. Leo sign people are very serious and cautious about their goals. They also avoid telling their heart about the matter. Because of which sometimes they also have to face trouble. Due to this habit, they also have to face a state of mental stress. Leo  The lord of the zodiac is Sun. If the position of Sun is bad in the horoscope then such people are less talkative. Sometimes faults are also seen in their speech. Due to speaking harsh words, they do not get the respect they deserve.  People whose name starts with these letters Ma, Mi, Moo, May, Mo, Ta, Tee, Tu, Tay, their zodiac sign is Leo.

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