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The Episode starts with Shanti seeing Adi introducing himself. He practice to introduce himself. Next day, Shanti informs Mishra about Adi talking to himself in the night at 3 am. Sakina says even I saw Inaam talking to himself. Mishra asks what to do, shall I slap him? Shanti asks there might be some solution. Mishra says half of my problems end with it. Mirza says Mishra got better with slaps. Mishra asks did I tell, why you was slapped in school? Sakina asks him to say. Mishra tells that there was a girl. Mirza signs him not to say. Mishra says she got 300 Rs, and she slapped Mirza as she was greedy of money and go egoistic. Sakina asks why did she slap Mirza? Mishra says she actually found 500 Rs, and Mirza took 200 Rs so before he could spend the money, she slapped him. Sakina says he can take the money, and tells that once he cleaned the drain to get 10 rs coin. Everyone laughs.

Bittu tells that there are girls for their sons. Mirza repairs the air collar, it starts and then stops. Pappu asks Mirza and Mishra to get them married and settle down, else they might run away. Mishra says they are very small, will not think of eloping. Bittu says when the boy looks at himself in the mirror and talks, then think that they shall get married. He says they reached adolescence. BBC tells a news. Mirza says Police will send us to jail for getting them married and says your idea is bad, we will make them mend their ways. Adi smiles hearing the song, sitting outside the house. Mann matak gaya hai plays…. Guddi and Pooja come there and ask him to play, but he refuses. They go inside to play. Inaam comes there and asks did you find out her name? Adi says yes and says I found out. He says Juhi. Inaam asks she is mine. Adi says I will break your head. Inaam says she is mine. They have an argument and start fighting. Brij and Noorjahan come there and ask them who is Juhi? They say she is our….and then stops with the realization. Shanti asks who is Juhi? Adi says she studies in Saraswati school, in 8th std. Shanti says you are befriending 8th std girl.

Mirza asks where did you meet her? Inaam says after the school. Mirza says that’s why you come home late. He asks what is the problem? Inaam says nothing. Mirza says why you both were fighting that she is yours. Inaam says we were saying she is our friend. Mishra says Jamuna was a good friend in our neighborhood. Mirza asks Inaam if you want to make her girl friend. Inaam says this is your problem, can a girl and a boy cant be friends? Mirza says no. Inaam and Adi go. Brij asks Mishra and Mirza to make them understand well. Sakina says I have a scared feeling and says he might make me saas in this age. Noorjahan says they are very understanding and will not do such a thing. Brij says the same and goes. Shanti asks Mishra to enquire about Juhi. Adi says she saw me first. Inaam says she smiled looking at me. Adi says she might be laughing seeing you. Inaam says she laughed seeing your monkey face. Adi and Inaam argue that Juhi is their girlfriend. Inaam says we shall give her a chocolate and whoever she likes, will accept the chocolate. Mirza says we are getting old, and says what to do? Mishra says we had thought, but they made girlfriend. He says it seems to be one sided.

Mirza says two sided, but the girl don’t know. He says I didn’t go beyond this, if they are more big players than me. They go to the shop. Mirza again repairs the cooler. Mishra asks about its amount. Mirza says 150 Rs. Mishra laughs. Bittu asks what is going on and asks about their sons. Mirza says they are our sons, and will not do any bad thing. Mishra says they have entered young age and acting accordingly. Bittu asks do you want to say that they are doing right. Mishra says this is nature. Mirza says I thought even I used to do such a thing, but didn’t spoil. He says I have my eyes on my son. Mishra asks Bittu about his father. Bittu tells that he had a bad relation with his father and they never like each other. He says one day he died, worrying about me. He says I have seen my father crying and worried for me. He requests them to become their friends once and see, and get happiness.

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