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Episode starts with Sakeena discuss that they should go to meet Mirza and Mishra. Shanti denies stating its curfew outside and I don’t want to get caught by Leopard and police. Inam says they are with UP police. Shanti says Ramesh is scared😨

and Sakeena agrees stating Zafar is also scared😨. Sakeena says mine chalorstroal is rising in tension, what should I tell NoorAmmi. Inam says I told her.
Shanti says to Sakeena is lucky as her family members are at home, but Masterji and Ramesh both are out, I don’t have men support. Inam says Adi and Guddu are here, they will feel bad. Shanti says I mean elder people. Inam goes to watch match. Shanti asks Sakeena to talk to NoorAmmi. Sakeena says Curfew is outside, but goes when Shanti shows her eyes in anger😡.

In market Ramesh asks everyone to show me dhoti, as Shanti told him that Masterji went out. Bittu says its 100% Masterji Dhoti, stating Leopard took Masterji. Ramesh scolds him asking to show Dhoti.
When he sees he cries😭 that dhoti belongs to Masterji, as he left us. Majnu, BBC, Koode, Ashiq, Zafar tries to console Ramesh as he cries😭 alot. Ramesh says I was small, when he raised him with difficulty. Policr scolds everyone stating about curfew and their hideouts.
Bittu and Pappu runs away from captive of police. When police realises this they goes behind them to catch. Koode says to BBC lets go down, as police went. BBC says you are here scared😨 by police or leopard?

At haveli, Shanti and Sakeena closes all doors and windows properly. Sakeena says I am tension, don’t know why police calling us again and again. Noor Ammi says let them stay in custody, they are safe with police.
Guddu, Poja comes crying😭. Inam informs that we saw news that leopard caught 2 men. Shanti consoles them. NoorAmmi thinks🤔 that leopard can’t take 2 men. Sakeena says they gave their hands. Adi says they both will be mad persons. Noor asks about their name? Inam says name is not known, but they describes them as Ramesh and Zafar. Shanti, Sakeena cries😭 as well. Noor Ammi says don’t believe news channel. They will be fine. Shanti and Sakeena agrees, but Guddu Puja cries😭.

At market Ramesh cries😭 inside shop thinking about Masterji. Ramesh decides to search for him, whatever happens. Majnu says I shall come with you as well, but Ramesh denies stating I will not let take you risk, and request🙏🏻 him to look after family and take my shop.
Everyone gets alert, when they see Rames going out. Leopard comes near (showing shadow). Ramesh warns everyone be alert everyone. Ramesh gets courage and says I shall not get terrified. He states further I need to go to look my father, and you go to jungle🌲.
Zafar says that he has gone Mad, as he is talking to leopard, he will die for sure.
Ramesh scolds leopard finally, and it goes. Everyone comes out relexing that leopard went away. Everyone prasies Ramesh for his bravery. Koode says you are always terrified infront of Shanti, but you showed good courage. Zafar says I shall tell this about your courage to children. Ramesh says I need to look for mAsterji.

At Haveli Bittu and Pappu says we were running by saving our lives from police, so we hide behind bushes and found Masterji. Everyone consoles Mishra family. Bittu-Pappu says to keep distance. Masterji get conciousness, and calls for Babu, stating Leoprad. Ramesh asks he is fine? Masterji says not every Bittu-Pappu is theif, just like leopard is dangerous. Ramesh asks about blood? He says I got hurt after falling. Everyone hears leopard voice, masterji goes behind it. Shocking😨 to everyone.

Precap:- Mirza family and Ashiq celebrate Ramzan/eid. Sakeena says to Shanti that Zafar loves her so much that he can bring moon to me. Shanti asks her to show me. Sakeena asks Zafar to bring moon for her otherwise she will leave him. Mishra family laughs

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