Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai Written Episode Update of 12th April 2022: Bittu and Party offer Rent to Mishra and Mirza – Telly Updates

Episode starts with everyone is standing at Zafar’s house. Ashiq says I need to go first as I need to open shop, Zafar agrees. Bittu and BBC says we need to bathe first as we need to meet minister. Bittu says children went school, Sakeena and Noor Ammi is upstairs, then who is using washroom? Zafar knock door, Masterji comes out and bittu goes inside.

Ramesh fold hands🙏🏻

infront of Shanti stating I need favour. Shanti says you always keep on asking all time. Ramesh hold her legs stating that you always help, I agree, but please till Pappu, Koode and Majnu are at home, do all the work. Shanti gets shocked😱.
Sakeena pushes Zafar knowing that she need to work out of shock😱. Zafar requests🙏🏻 sakeena holding her leg as its about their reputation infront of market people.
Shanti and Sakeena agrees stating only for 2 days not more than that. Ramesh and Zafar gets happy.
Shanti and Sakeena works, while getting frustrated as well and irritated😡.

Bittu, BBC, Pappu, Koode, Ashiq and Majnu discuss that how much they are enjoying😌 the services provided by Haveli people. Everyone gets happy😌. Pappu states that our house is not breaking, rather we need to make them leave haveli as we took money💶 from Aggarwal builders.
They all discuss we need to focus so that Mishra and Mirza leave haveli with their families.

Ramesh and Zafar disucss about their trouble facing due to bittu and party. Though they disucss it indirectly, by praising themselves.
Shanti and Sakeena scolds them and gets angry😡 that we our in trouble.
Shanti and Sakeena says you men does only cook, do cleaning and leave for shop. But we need to watch tv and do talk.
We are facing trouble. Masterji and NoorAmmi says even are trouble due to them.
Zafar and Ramesh decides that they all need to leave.

Bittu and Pappu listened everything and discuss to excute plan B. Ramesh and Zafar wait for bittu and party.
Zafar asks Bittu and party to leave, but they all emotional them. Even ramesh says same.
Bittu, Pappu asks them to listen once. But Zafar and Ramesh scolds😡 in angry😡 stating to leave.
Bittu asks them to talk with respect.
Bittu says lets leave without paying💶them.
They all goes upside to do their packing and wait above thinking🤔 that Ramesh and Zafar will listen to us only.
Ramesh and Zafar asks about their benefit, but they all do drama. Bittu says we shall pay you rent as rs. 10,000💶 per person.
Ramesh scolds Zafar and asking everyone to stay with me.
Zafar says you shall come to stay with us.
Zafar and Ramesh fight on this.
Bittu says same old half half. But Majnu and Koode says they shall stay with Zafar. Ashiq and BBC says we shall stay with ramesh.
Bittu think🤔 now camel is under mountain.

Precap:- Zafar and Ramesh infrom about rent to their families. Bittu and Party disucss to take haveli from Mirsha adn Mirza soon.
Zafar and Rames does their household works.

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