Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai Written Episode Update of 13th April 2022:- Bittu and Party Fool Mishra and Mirza – Telly Updates

Episode starts with everyone deciding who shall stay at Mirza and Mishra and shall make agreement for rent. Bittu asks Pappu to make agreement. Ramesh and Zafar thinks🤔

its good for us for rs. 10k💶 per person.

Next day Mishra and Mirza tell their families about agreement. Noor and Masterji scolds them, bur Ramesh and Zafar says we shall get rs. 30k💶. Shanti and Sakeena plans their shopping list. Shanti and Shanti asks Ramesh and Zafar to return to their work soon, as we are missing our shows.

Bittu and Party discuss that Ramesh and Zafar are fools and now we shall take full advantage of it and we shall do our work soon. Ashiq and Majnu says we shall open big shops, while koode decide to open clicnic and BBC says I shall open my news channel. Bittu and party laughs😂

Ramesh and zafar does household work dressed as ladies. Bittu and Pappu comes. Bittu and Pappu gets attracted towards Ramesh and Zafar, thinking🤔 them as women. They flirt with them. Zafar and Ramesh asks them to do household work. Bittu and Pappu does so.
Bittu and Pappu gets to know about Zafar and Ramesh. Bittu and Pappu blackmail them stating we shall inform about Ramesh and Zafar doing household work. Zafar and Ramesh blackmail them stating we shall tell everyone about their flirt. All decide not to do so.

At night bittu and party plays gammbaling. Zafar, Ramesh, Shanti and Sakeena gets shocked😱. Inam and Adi says that we know this to play. Ramesh asks to leave haveli. Bittu says we are registered person, we shall do anything, and no-one can do anything.
Ramesh and Zafar gets shocked😱 reading it. Zafar asks them to leave or shall we call police. Bittu blackmails them regarding haveli documents.

Precap:- At Mishra house non-veg is cooked by bittu while at Mirza house only veg is cooked by pappu. Tenents trouble families.
Shanti and Sakeena give final verdict to ramesh ans zafar

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