Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai Written Update of 14th April 2022:- Ration Card arrives of Bittu and Party – Telly Updates

Episode starts with complaints of Shanti and Sakeena. They both get angry😡 on Ramesh and Zafar. Zafar and Ramesh blame each other for not reading agreement and they both get into fight😡. Shanti says don’t fight as its mistake of Zafar. Sakeena says its mistake of Ramesh. Then Shanti and Sakeena get into argument and fight with each other. Master ji and Noor Amma scolds them for fighting more than rather than fighting common enemny.

Bittu and Pappu talks that gambling idea was good👍🏻. Pappu says lets gamble on cricket, bittu agrees. They both plan further to trouble Mishra and Mirza more, as Masterji and Noor Amma are biggest trouble. Bittu asks Pappu to do work as per plan. Bittu and Pappu also argue about haveli, but bittu remind Pappu that we shall get it empty as soon as possible. Pappu asks to have lift in any building. Bittu says stay on basement and taunts him.

Later at night Masterji shouts seeing eggs🥚. Shanti and Ramesh gets shocked😱 seeing eggs🥚. Bittu says don’t shout as he was feeling hungry so he boiled eggs🥚. Ramesh and Masterji asks bittu to leave, as you spoiled our dharam. Bittu says you should have read agreement, as per clause 2 we shall have anything in food. He further asks Shanti too cook egg🥚 for him.
Sakeena says to Zafar that chicken is missing from our fridge. Pappu, koode and Majnu says we are pure vegetraian we shall not have it. Zafar says we shall have anything, but koode says not possible and read agreement. He points finger at Sakeena, but she twists it, asking her to cook kamal kakdi.

In morning, postman arrives, who inform Ramesh that he brought government documents of Bittu, Pappu, Majnu, Ashiq, Koode and BBC. Ramesh sees documents and gets shocked😱. Zafar asks why he is shocked😱. Ramesh says Bittu and party have ration card on our home address.
Bittu and Pappu take their Ration cards and goes.
They shows it to Shanti and Sakeena.

Shanti and Sakeena scolds Ramesh and Zafar stating that Bittu and Party are behind to take over haveli. Sakeena says I am leaving with children and Noor Amma, as you both are good for nothing. Ramesh and Zafar asks just wait for sometime, we shall do something.

Zafar and Ramesh hire goons, who tell them to bittu and Pappu. Bittu and Pappu asks goons to beat zafar and ramesh instead.
At night Bittu and party dance on turning it as bar. Ramesh and Zafar gets shocked😱 and stops them.

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