Aurangabad’s IPS Kalwaniya got second gallantry medal, risking his life killed 5 goofy Naxalites…

Maharashtra News: The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has announced the Internal Security Medal Award. In this many police officers of Maharashtra have been selected. In fact, the President has announced this medal to Aurangabad Rural Police Force’s Superintendent of Police Manish Kalwania for killing five Naxalites in an encounter and capturing one Naxalite alive in Gadchiroli. According to the information given by the Aurangabad Rural Police, on March 29, 2021, an anti-Naxal search operation was conducted in the Khobaramendha Ghantad forest of North Gadchiroli with a C-60 commando team under the leadership of Manish Kalwania. 

Meanwhile, 80 to 90 Naxalites sitting in the area took advantage of the darkness around five in the morning and started firing rapidly towards the C-60 commando team. The C-60 commando team along with Manish Kalwania started firing furiously towards the Naxalites in retaliation. During this, seeing the increasing pressure of the police, the Naxalites escaped from there at around one o’clock in the afternoon. During this there was a fierce encounter between C-60 commandos and Naxalites for 8 to 9 hours. 

Jahl Naxalites eliminated
Meanwhile, seeing the Naxalites running away, the C-60 commando team launched a search operation on the spot and the team succeeded in catching a Naxalite alive. Also killed five Jahal Naxalites. In this, the teams were also successful in catching their infamous Naxalite commander who was at the forefront of Naxalite operations. In this entire operation, a large number of arms, ammunition, bombs, explosives and other materials of Naxalites were recovered. During this, three of his C-60 commandos, including Manish Kalwania, were injured while retaliating from the Naxalites.

Naxalite attack was foiled
Kalwaniya was injured in the encounter with Naxalites which lasted for about 9 hours. Despite being injured himself, he maintained the confidence of his wounded soldiers. Manish Kalwania was honored by the Honorable President of the country for this bold and heroic performance that shocked the Naxalite movement. "Gallantry Medal" has been awarded. Meanwhile, Jayadat Baban Bhawar, working as Sub-Divisional Police Officer in Aurangabad Rural Police Force, has also been awarded the Internal Security Medal for two years by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. He has rendered excellent service in Naxalite affected and remote areas like Gadchiroli.

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