Ayodhya: Bad traffic system became a headache, entry of four wheelers continues despite prohibition

Bad Traffic System in Ayodhya: Traffic system is collapsing in Dharma city Ayodhya. With the increase in the number of devotees, the problem of traffic is also increasing. There is always a jam at the Chowk Ghantaghar in the Kotwali area. People are wasting hours on the way due to the traffic problem. There is no visible possibility of getting rid of the problem of daily jam. The effect of the order is not visible despite putting up a board barring entry for four wheelers. There is a glut of four wheelers in the city. Kotwali police station is turning a blind eye to the problem of jam.

An hour is wasted to get out of the jam

It is sure to waste about an hour of people’s time in getting out of the jam. The traffic police personnel posted at Ghantaghar do not handle the responsibility properly. The general public has to bear the brunt of the negligence of the traffic personnel. If the ambulance gets stuck in the jam, the lives of the patients are at stake. Jurisdictional officer Ayodhya Shailendra Singh told that at present more crowd is being seen. Agniveer recruitment exam is going on in the city.

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Agniveer recruitment exam due to increase in crowd

Recruitment exam is also the reason for increasing crowd. All the outpost incharges of Chowk, Fatehganj, Reedganj have been instructed to solve the problem of jam as soon as possible and make the traffic system run smoothly. Due to the Agniveer recruitment exam, the crowd has become more at present. I have instructed the traffic jawans deployed on the spot to rectify the system. Traffic TI will be instructed to take action to control the crowd. 

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