Ayodhya’s crooked market square changed its name, temples tax was also waived

UP News: The entry road leading to Ram Janmabhoomi located in Ayodhya, which was known as Tedhi Bazar crossroads, has now changed its name. Now this intersection will be known as Nishad Raj Crossroads. In the past when CM

Which intersections were renamed?
After this instruction, Tedhi Bazar square was made Nishad Raj square. Along with this there is Udya intersection, that intersection will be known as Lata Mangeshkar intersection. Along with this, the monastery-temple tax of Ayodhya has been waived. Now tax will be taken only in the form of token. Token tax will also be taken only from commercial temples. Enthusiasm is being seen in the Sant Samaj of Ayodhya regarding this. 

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Kya Bole Sant?
Saints say that the analogy given to Lata Mangeshkar should be respected. He has also enhanced the respect of the country. For this reason he was also given the Padma Shri. Now it is sad that he is not with us. The respect he has given to the country and us, Udya crossroads has been changed to Lata Mangeshkar crossroads. This will keep his name and his memory alive. When his name comes, he will be remembered. 

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