Azam family away from Rampur elections after 45 years, why ticket was given to Asim Raza even after losing the by-election?

UP By-Election 2022: By-elections are being held on Mainpuri, Rampur and Khatauli seats in Uttar Pradesh. However, there is a direct fight between BJP and Samajwadi Party on Mainpuri and Rampur seats. At the same time, for the first time in the last 45 years, no one from the Azam Khan family is contesting the Rampur seat. This time Azam Khan’s close aide Asim Raja has been nominated by the party.

Asim Raza, who has been nominated by the SP for the by-election, has faced defeat in the last election. In the same year, after the assembly elections, Asim Raza was made the candidate of SP in the by-election for Rampur Lok Sabha seat. Then BJP’s Dhanshyam Lodhi had won. However, the special thing is that even then there was talk of Azam Khan’s wife Tanjim Fatima contesting the election. But the party finally gave ticket to this close aide of Azam Khan.

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He has stayed away because of these reasons
On the other hand, apart from Azam Khan and family, who have been showing fear in Rampur seat for the last 45 years, Asim Raza has been given ticket. Although there was talk of Tanjim Fathima contesting in this election too, but she was not made a candidate. According to sources, Azam Khan’s family is not yet in a mood to contest elections. Although his son Abdullah Azam is already an MLA from Swar seat. Because of this it was not possible to contest on another seat. 

While according to political pundits, the family is not even in a position to contest the elections due to being stuck in lawsuits. Because of this also, Rampur has stayed away from the Lok Sabha by-elections and now the assembly by-elections. However, in the meantime, both the times the SP has made the person close to Azam Khan the candidate. Let us inform that voting for Rampur by-election will be held on December 5, while counting of votes will be done on December 8.

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