‘Azam Khan ko jeete nahi denge…’, why Muslim leaders came out in favor of BJP in Rampur?

Voting for the by-election will be held on December 5 in the Rampur assembly seat, which is considered to be the bastion of SP leader Azam Khan. BJP and Samajwadi Party are face to face in this election. From this seat, BJP has placed a bet on Akash Saxena, who has always been considered a staunch opponent of Azam Khan. The SP has nominated Asim Raza, a close aide of Azam Khan, as its candidate from this seat. Trouble seems to be brewing for the SP here because many Muslim leaders here are announcing their support for the BJP.

Former minister and Congress leader Nawab Kazim Ali Khan alias Naved Miyan has announced his support to BJP candidate Akash Saxena. Not only this, Congress leader and former president of Sugarcane Development Council Babar Ali Khan and former District President of Rashtriya Lok Dal Mohammad Usman have also announced to support the BJP candidate in this by-election.

Another Congress leader and former minister Kazim Ali Khan says that Azam Khan is responsible for the by-elections being held on this seat today, that’s why there is no point in supporting his candidate again. Along with this, Congress leader Babar Ali Khan while talking to ABP News said that Kazim Ali Khan who is from the family of Nawab of Rampur and has been MLA and Minister many times from here and Congress and SP are always face to face in Rampur. Azam Khan has done nothing for the people of Rampur.  That is why we have announced our support to BJP in this by-election.

Babar Ali Khan said that even before this, Kazim Ali Khan had supported BJP in the by-elections held in MP and now in this election we have announced to support BJP’s Akash Saxena. On the other hand, there is resentment among the Congress leaders due to not fielding any Congress candidate from Rampur in the by-election, regarding which Congress leader Babar Ali Khan said that even though the Congress is not contesting from this seat, but we want Azam Khan as well. We will not allow this seat to win, so we have announced to support BJP, and only BJP’s candidate Akash Saxena will win from this seat. It has not come out openly regarding the announcement. No statement was issued by the Congress regarding this. In a way, the Congress has abandoned the support given to this BJP by its Congress leaders. But in the local politics of Rampur, this conflict is being seen between the Congress leader and Azam Khan.

BJP welcomed the support of Congress
While talking to ABP News, Mohanlal Saini, former District President of Rampur from BJP regarding this support of Congress, said that since the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh Since then BJP has won the hearts of voters from every section, we are running with the campaign of development of all. 

Azam Khan’s media in-charge Fasahat Khan Sanu became Prime Minister in BJP Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has announced to join the party. He says that he did not get respect in SP, so he has joined BJP. 

In Azam Khan’s bastion Rampur, along with the Muslim leaders of the Congress, the SP leaders also seem to be getting the support of the BJP, after which this by-election has become very interesting. At the same time, this support of BJP has also increased the difficulties of SP.

Because this seat has been occupied by SP for years and Azam Khan has been winning from this seat every time.  This seat has a large number of Muslim voters and has been calling Azam Khan himself the leader of Muslims. Here the number of Muslim voters is close to 2 lakhs and second number is dominated by Vaishya and Lodhi community.

Number of voters in Rampur assembly seat
Talking about the equation of voters in Rampur, the total number of voters is 3,87,385, in which the number of Muslim voters is 52 percent, in which about 2 lakh is a voter. After which there are 45 percent Hindu voters whose number is close to 1 lakh 65 thousand and about 3 percent are voters of Sikh community whose number is close to 10 thousand. Apart from this, there are 40 thousand Vaish Samaj, 35 thousand Lodh, 20 thousand Dalit, 5 thousand Kayastha, 10 thousand Yadav and 4 thousand Brahmin voters among Hindu voters. 

Azam Khan has been occupying this seat for decades
In the year 1993, Azam Khan became MLA from this seat for the first time from SP. However, even before this, since 1980, Azam Khan was winning from other parties from this seat. But in the year 1993, he contested on SP ticket and after defeating his opponent  Afroz Ali Khan (JD) took the Rampur fort again. But in the next assembly elections in 1996, Afroz Ali Khan defeated SP’s Azam Khan on a Congress ticket. But again in the 2002 assembly elections, Azam Khan won the Rampur seat. And after that Azam Khan occupied this assembly seat till the year 2022, but after the recent cancellation of his membership, by-elections are being held on this seat in December 2022. 

Membership gone after being convicted in the hate speech case
During the year 2019 Lok Sabha, the case of Azam Khan giving hate speech in an election meeting came to the fore. He was accused of giving objectionable and provocative speeches. In this case, the local court also sentenced Azam Khan to 3 years in jail. After which his assembly membership was also cancelled. At the same time, BJP leader Akash Saxena had a big role in this whole matter because Akash Saxena had complained about the hate speech case. 

Saxena was defeated by Azam in the March 2022 assembly
After which the by-election is to be held on this seat on December 5 and its results will come on December 8. For which SP has nominated Asim Raza, close to Azam Khan. Regarding which it is said that even though Asim Raza SP has nominated candidates, it is believed that only Azam Khan is contesting the election. Asim Raza and Azam Khan are the same. And Azam Khan is participating in this election through Asim Raza. On the other hand, BJP has fielded Akash Saxena from this seat, who was also BJP’s candidate in the 2022 assembly elections held in the month of March, but during that time Azam Khan defeated BJP’s Akash Saxena by 55,141 votes. BJP has placed bets on the same candidate.


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