Azamgarh: Pieces of the girl’s body in the well, accused arrested for throwing her head in a distant pond

UP Crime News: Superintendent of Police Anurag Arya has made a big disclosure in the case of a headless woman’s corpse in Azamgarh. There has been an encounter between the police and the murder accused lover. In which the main accused Prince Yadav has a bullet in his leg. He has been admitted to the district hospital. The encounter took place near Paschimpatti village under Ahiraula police station area on Sunday.

Superintendent of Police Anurag Arya disclosed at the Balrampur police post that on November 16, the dead body of the woman was found in a roadside well in Gauri’s entire village, west of Ahiraula police station. The head that was missing in it has been recovered from a pond about six kilometers away from there. From this, the woman was identified as Aradhana Prajapati, 22 years old, who was living at her maternal home in Ishakpur. He was identified by his father Kedar and brother Sunil Prajapati.

Why did the accused get angry
At the same time, wooden shoes and banks used to cut the dead body into pieces have also been recovered from the pond. The SP told that Aradhana was married elsewhere in February this year. While the accused Prince was working somewhere abroad during this period. After hearing about the marriage, he came here to his house. The girl had a love affair with the Prince for two years, so he did not want her to get married elsewhere. When he came here, he pressurized to break the marriage, which Aradhana refused. Which angered him.

Prince’s parents also did not want Aradhana to get married elsewhere. So he joined the conspiracy of the Prince. The same Prince also included his maternal uncle and maternal aunt in his conspiracy and also persuaded his cousin Sarvesh to participate in the murder incident. Prince left his village on October 29 itself so that no one else would come to know and he could not be connected with the incident with the girl. After this, on November 9, he asked Aradhana to go with him but she did not turn up.

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Maternal uncle’s son was also involved
On November 10, he again reached with his maternal uncle’s son Sarvesh and took him with him asking him to visit the temple. After this he had food and drink at the restaurant and then he came to his maternal uncle’s house. After this he carried out the incident. First strangulated her and then cut off her hands and feet to place the girl easily elsewhere. To avoid identification, the head and other bodies were thrown at different places.

He chose such a well which was on the side of the main road and was covered with bushes from above, so the dead body could not be recovered. But the police kept on investigating and finally got success. The SP also gave an immediate cash prize of five thousand to constable Rajesh Kumar Verma of Ahiraula police station and constable Yashwant Singh of surveillance cell, who played the most important role in finding the accused. The SP said that the wooden stick and other tools, material related to the case have been recovered.

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