Baby Girl Name: Name your daughter after Mother Saraswati, these unique Baby Names are in trend

Baby Girl Religious Names: The name of the daughter should be unique and modern with special. Everyone wants that their beloved should look different from the world and have a different identity. It is said in Hinduism that the name has a great impact on life. This is the reason why people name their children (Baby Girl Unique Names) after Gods and Goddesses. If you too are looking for a unique and modern religious name for your daughter, then here is the list of Maa Saraswati names. These names of the goddess of learning will give a different identity to the daughter..
Ayra- This name of Maa Sharda, the presiding deity of learning, means idealist. This name is rarely heard everywhere.
Ashwin- It means victory. This name of Maa Sharda is also unique and according to modern times.
Akshara– Akshara means letter. Mother Saraswati is also called by this name.
Janvika – Janvika is also a name of Maa Ganga. This name will also be unique and best for someone’s daughter.
Bani- Nowadays the name Bani is very popular. It means voice. In most places people want to name their baby girl like this.
Niharika- The word Niharika means the first rain of the season. This name has been preferred since long.
Kavya‍ya- The name Kavya is also quite unique. Kavya means poetry.
Soumya- Mother Saraswati, the goddess of learning, is also called by the name Soumya. The meaning of name Saumya is “calm and simple”. The nature of people associated with this name is considered calm.
Vidushi- The word Vidushi is given to an intelligent woman. Keeping this name for your daughter can also be a better option.
Richa– The word Richa means the writings and hymns of the Vedas. It means that the name of the girl who gets all kinds of education will be like this.
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