Bad Cholesterol: Bad Cholesterol is the root of these serious diseases, so be alert if it is increasing

Cholesterol Effect On Body: Due to today’s bad lifestyle, many diseases are taking home in the human body. High blood pressure, sugar, depression, anxiety are such diseases. If recognized in time, they can be treated better. If it is late, it becomes fatal. But do you know that an element that accumulates in the blood vessels of the body can invite many serious diseases. Today we are talking about cholesterol, increased cholesterol can be the main factor of heart stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and other diseases. In the data of NCBI itself, about 30 percent of urban and 20 percent of rural people in India have found increased cholesterol. Let us understand how this element is fiercely reducing the lifeline of people in the veins.

can make heart patient
There are two types of cholesterol in the body. One good and the other bed. As the name suggests, bad cholesterol can be fatal for the human body. Actually it goes into the veins. Blood goes to the heart through the veins and the heart pumps it and sends it to the rest of the body. If cholesterol accumulates in the veins, the blood supply is affected. This increases the chances of getting a heart attack. Doctors say that increasing cholesterol increases the risk of heart attack.

Can give pain to the feet
It can also give pain to the feet. What happens is that when it accumulates in the blood vessels, the blood supply to all the parts starts stopping. In such a situation, every part demands blood and the heart pushes. When there is no blood supply, pain starts in the feet. Sometimes it is too much and sometimes it is too little. Sometimes a person cannot even stand for long.

Hypertension can be a victim
Cholesterol directly affects the heart. This increases the pressure to work on every part of the body including the brain. As the diseases progress, hypertension starts taking the person in its grip. There is also the possibility of being diabetic.

Do this less
Hair loss, numbness in legs, healing of ulcers in feet, shrinkage of leg muscles, blue or yellow color of feet are its symptoms. Not only does cholesterol increase, for this, eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Start avoiding all types of processed and packaged foods. Do daily yoga and exercise. Cholesterol can be improved by reducing smoking and drinking.

Sound sleep is necessary
A study has revealed that men who sleep less than 6 hours a night. They are high in LDL cholesterol. This bed is cholesterol. On the other hand, women who slept the same amount of time had lower LDL. They also found that men and women who snored during sleep also had lower levels of HDL, or good cholesterol.

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