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The Episode starts with Ram scolding Vedika. He says Priya and I will figure it out together, we don’t give this right to anyone, it will be tough for Pihu to know and accept that I m her dad. Vedika says its not my mistake, but Priya’s mistake. He says Pihu is my daughter, she is Priya and my responsibility, and mom, I didn’t expect you can do this, its wrong. Nandini says I feel scared when its related to Priya. He says I can understand, but you have to apologize to Priya. She says Priya has more value now because of Pihu. He says no, you are a mum, you can understand, you will apologize to a mum now, you all were going to do wrong with her. Nandini says you are right, Priya I m sorry. Vedika and Shubham also say sorry. Krish says I will leave now. He leaves with the lawyer. Everyone goes. Ram sees Priya. He says sorry and goes.

She thinks I was right, Ram will always support me. She thanks Lord. She checks the expenses. She says I can’t ask mum and Krish for help. She gets Krish’s call. He asks is Ram angry. She says no, I knew it. He says I feel angry on myself, I advised you to run away, I should have trusted your trust on Ram. She says no, its not your mistake. He says I m glad that you have stayed back. She says Pihu gets the credit, she stopped me from making this big mistake, so Ram supported me, Ram and I will talk and raise Pihu together, it won’t be easy, Nandini won’t be easy. Krish says we will expose them whenever they try to blackmail you. She says no, Pihu is happy with Ram. He says yes, she has no time to call me now, she got close to Ram, where is she. Pihu asks Ram where is Priya. Ram says she might be in the room or kitchen. He keeps the drink seeing her. He distracts her. She looks at the glass.

She asks what’s this. He says apple juice. She asks shall I drink it. He says no, its for adults. She asks why, I like it. He says its bitter apple juice. She says mum says fruit juice is healthy, give it to me. He says no, your mum said I can’t feed you anything without asking her. She asks him to give it, please. He says I can’t give it. She says please give it to me.

Vedika asks Nandini to give her poison. She says Shubham and you always blame me. Vedika says he did that to make Ram believe, I supported you. Vedika says no use, Ram trusts Priya the most. Nandini says I always have a backup plan, you will wear Priya’s clothes, you will take Pihu and run away, she has ashamed me in front of Priya. Vedika says Ram will catch me and get me arrested. Nandini spikes the drink for Ram. She says now you will feed this drink to Ram, he will see Priya’s true face. Ram and Pihu play. He gets a call from his office. He goes. Priya comes and says I have made muffins. She gets coughing and drinks the wine. Ram comes and asks why did Priya drink it. Pihu says she had the apple juice. He says it was medicine, this change is good, she looks cute. Priya says my head is spinning, take me to room. He says I will take you. Pihu takes Priya. He asks Tarun to make lemon water and get it. Vedika says Ram said he wants this drink, not the lemon water, go and give this to him. Ram sees Pihu and Priya. Priya jokes on him. They laugh. Pihu says you really look cute. Ram says no, stop laughing, go out, go and get lemon water for Priya. Priya says no, don’t go out. Pihu goes. Priya and Ram fall. They have an eyelock.

Priya and Ram have a moment. Pihu records them and smiles. Vedika enters Priya’s room.

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