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The Episode starts with Priya saying I have started feeling for Ram now. She sees him sleeping and talks to him. She says you complete me now. Priya holds his face and makes him sleep well. Jo tu mil gaya….plays… She prays for his happiness. She thinks I m ready to give anything in return for your happiness, I would have told you what I feel for you. He holds her hand. She smiles. Adi likes the food. Ram comes and snatches the paratha from his hand. He calls him tiffin thief. Adi says Priya has sent extra for me, give me a bite. Ram asks him to have it. Adi says we don’t have work for Varun, he is an accountant, he didn’t do work since years. Ram says I promised Ishaan. Adi says he is like you, I understand. Ram says we have to find chances to help him, we have to help him fulfil all his dreams, am I saying right. Adi asks do you ever say wrong.

Krish comes and sees them holding hands. He says this is true love. Adi and Ram leave hands. They say this is a bro thing. Krish jokes. He says Ram did a really good thing, Sandy told me. Ram says I really became a hero yesterday, did you find out anything. Krish says yes, Alibagh, I think we should go there once and find out. Ram says dad and Kumar were making a resort there, Shashi’s dad completed that project. They discuss. Priya messages Ram and asks him to come for dinner. Ram replies we will go to Alibagh on weekend. She chats with him and smiles. Shivi asks is Ram coming. Priya says yes. Shivi says I m a bad sister for Ram, Priya is the best. Nandini asks Priya to teach Shivi and Shubham to show gratitude to Ram. Priya says we should do something together. Shivi says no, I will do this alone, I will make food this weekend. Akki and Shubham refuse to have the food. Priya thinks Ram has another plan for weekend. She says Ram has a meeting in Alibagh. Shubham says best excuse. Shivi says then we all will go there. Akki asks what’s there. Nandini says we have a resort there, we can go there, Virender has made it. Priya thinks I have flopped Ram’s planning. She gets Sara’s message.

Adi and Ram are on the way. They talk about Virender. Ram says I m sure that Shashi’s dad did this, it means Shashi is also involved, where is he. Adi says don’t know where is he hiding. Ram says you think that man will speak out the truth. They come home. Adi says I have to tell you something, we are with you, if your dad got killed, then we have to find the culprit, don’t let the past conquer your future, Priya loves you. Ram says I understand.

Mami asks Shivi to take her to Alibagh. Shivi asks Ram to take Mami with them. Ram asks what. Akki says we all are coming. Ram thinks to talk to Priya. Priya comes to bakery and says I will answer you. Mahender asks them to sell the bakery. Priya and Mahender argue. She scolds him. He gets angry on her. Meera asks them not to fight. She says Varun didn’t say anything, its her job, she is keeping responsibility. Mahender says she means Varun is useless. Sara says Varun has no job, what work would I do. Priya says don’t bring Ram in this matter. Mahender says I m not interested, I already got a good buyer. He scolds her. Ram comes and shouts enough, no need to talk. Mahender says I m talking to my daughters. Ram asks who, those daughters who don’t regard you a dad. Ram scolds him.

Mahender says I got Sara married to Varun, I m answerable, he respects me, unlike Ram, who argues with me, I won’t let Varun get insulted, I won’t let him become a wife’s puppet, sign these papers. Priya tears the contract papers. Ram asks him not to think of hurting Meera, else he will start the investigations of Priya’s accident. He threatens him of getting him jailed. He says Meera is the reason that you are here. Mahender says you will be ruined, remember this. Priya says we won’t get scared, we have someone dear with us. She sees Ram. He says we will see how long he stays.

Priya and Ram get close. Mahender, Shashi and Varun talk about some papers. Krish says we should reach there first.

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