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The Episode starts with Maitri praying to get a chance to unite Ram and Priya. Pihu runs to Krish and says you are the best, I love you. Ram looks on. Nandini comes to him. He says sorry, I need to see the ministers. Ishaan gets juice for Sara. She says my lipstick will get spoiled. Vikrant gets a straw for her. Brinda says this treatment is just before marriage. He says I m not such. Shubham and Sandy praise Ram. Ram comes and greets the ministers. They say you have made good arrangements. Ram asks them to try the champagne. Krish asks why are you showering love on me. Pihu says for buying the dream dress for Priya. Krish says sorry, I went to that shop, but the dress got sold. She asks then who got that dress. He asks what, did Priya get that dress. Priya and Maitri come downstairs. Vedika types the message and thinks I will wait for Maitri’s fall. Priya falls down the stairs. Everyone is shocked. Ram runs and holds Priya. Kesariya….plays…. The flowers fall on them. Her phone falls.

Maitri clicks their pic. Everyone looks on. Reporters also click their pic and say they look made for each other. Minister says I also think Ram is a family man, he loves his wife. Sandy says this wasn’t a part of the plan, Ram saved Priya. Shubham says it’s the special thing of their relation, Ram saved her. Priya asks Maitri is she fine. Maitri says yes. She also slips. Shubham and Nandini hold her. Maitri thanks her. Ram asks Priya are you okay. Priya says yes. Pihu hugs her. Kanika says the plan failed. Vedika says its okay. She asks Ram to see Priya, she looks pale. Ram says I will call the doctor. Priya says I m fine, thanks for saving me. Ram says there is something on the stairs. Nandini says its because of your muddy shoes. Ram says sorry. Priya thinks why is she blaming Ram, there is oil on the stairs. Krish thinks Ram got that dress, when I tried my best, but Priya’s prince charming got the dress, there is something between them. Pihu says mumma is sad because of Ram. Shubham asks what were you doing in the muddy area. Krish says he went to get Priya’s dream dress. Nandini thinks I can’t believe this. Minister thinks they will become an ideal couple and I will become a liar. Meera says Ram got the dress for Priya. Priya thinks Krish should have not told this in front of Nandini and Shubham. Krish asks Pihu to thank Ram. Reporter asks Ram did he go to get the dress. Ram jokes.

Reporter asks Priya how did she like Ram’s surprise. Ram says get some starters, party just started. Priya asks Meera to take care of Maitri. She asks Maitri not to worry. Vedika says I was scared seeing you, I thought of Shivina, take care. Priya doubts Nandini.

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