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The Episode starts with Priya saying I will listen to you if you tell the address, else I will go alone to the bakery. Ram says you will never get alone now. He tells the address of the farmhouse. He asks the driver to follow the GPS on his phone and play romantic songs on radio. Driver asks how much does this phone cost, I will also buy such phone when I get money now. The driver goes to the loo. Ram says he left us and went for loo. She says you gave him 6 lakhs, so he ran away. He calls her Sadu. She asks am I getting angry, tell me. He says my phone got off. She takes him to a lodge and says we want a room for some hours. The man smiles. Ram signs no. Priya asks what do you think, any movie is going on, we are husband and wife, don’t use your mind, what’s the room rate. The man says 1000rs for two hours. She says we want it for four hours, but I will give 1500rs. The man gives her the keys. She asks is there AC. He says yes, its working. Ram says we are married, she is wearing the mangalsutra and sindoor. Priya gives the charger to Ram. He thanks her. Ram and Priya see a rat and get scared. They scream. Priya asks Ram to make the rat away. He hugs her. She says I m not Vedika. He says you vent anger on this rat.

She shouts and the rat runs out of the room. She shuts the door. Ram hugs Priya. hum tum….plays… He kisses her. She smiles. He tries to clarify. He gets a call. He talks to Adi and Vikrant. Adi says you gave us a wrong address. Ram says there is no landmark here, don’t come, I don’t want anyone to disturb me. Vikrant asks what are you saying, you are on a secret mission. Ram says yes, I m on a secret mission. Police comes and hears Ram. Inspector questions Ram and arrests him. ram says I m a very respectable industrialist, listen to me. Priya comes and looks for Ram. The man asks did the police go, they took Ram to the nearby police station, don’t worry. Priya asks what. She runs to see. Ram says let me talk to my lawyer. Inspector scolds him. Ram says you can check, I m Ram Kapoor. Priya stops them. Ram says don’t worry, I will manage. She says no, wait. She argues with the Inspector. She says you all will regret a lot if you touch him, our auto broke down so we came here. Ram says I just bought an auto for 6 lakhs. She says I was upset so he left his work to convince me, did you ask him once. Inspector says we won’t leave him if he is rich. She says we didn’t know about this place, he has come with his wife, its not illegal that he stays with his wife, leave him. He says fine, you are the witness. She says no, I m his wife. He says you are lucky. Ram says I know. She says no need to thank, we shall go home. He says you are ready to fight the world for me, you called me loyal and honest, then you compare me with your dad. She says you didn’t remember that I said I want to keep this marriage. Adi and Vikrant come. Adi asks them to come. Ram says we shall go home. She says our home. Priya and Ram come to her house and meet the family. Maitri apologizes to Priya. Priya says its not wrong, no one is upset with you, come.

They sit to have food. Sandy asks for bhajiyas. Ram asks what’s in that. Sandy says its really tasty. Priya asks Meera to sit, she will make bhajiyas and come. Sandy says I love you Di. Ram thinks me too. Meera feeds Ram by her hands. Ram loves the food. He feeds her food. Priya smiles and thinks Ram is with Meera like her son. Ram messages Priya and asks her not to stare at him. She jokes. They chat. Priya makes the bhajiyas and gets it. They all enjoy it. Ram asks Priya for an answer. She asks him to have bhajiyas. He holds her hand and says answer.

Vedika says you tried to kill Ram, anything could have happened to him. Mami says Mahender had tried to kill Ram, Priya knew it. Nandini scolds Priya. Priya cries.

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