‘Baja’ of loudspeaker controversy started playing out of Maharashtra in other states also

Loudspeaker Issue in Other State: The loudspeaker dispute which started from Maharashtra is now slowly moving to other states. In many states, the government has issued guidelines regarding this. Following this guideline, the administration at the local level has also started implementing them. In the midst of all this, the politics there has also started heating up. Let us know that apart from Maharashtra, where is the loudspeaker controversy.

Uttar Pradesh

Yogi Adityanath gave many guidelines regarding this and ordered to remove loudspeakers without permission. The notification of the order in this regard was also issued on 23 April. It was only after this order that the police came into action and by continuously campaigning in different districts of UP, loudspeakers are being removed from religious places. If we talk about Ghaziabad in UP, then on Thursday itself, the police removed loudspeakers from about 250 religious places. It is the result of the loudspeaker controversy that this time the UP government has not given permission to offer Namaz on the road even on the occasion of Friday prayers.

Madhya Pradesh


For the last few months, the most confrontation between Hindus and Muslims has been seen in this state. In such a situation, the loudspeaker controversy did not take time to reach here. Now here too there is a demand to remove loudspeakers from religious places. The state government also immediately instructed the police to take action regarding this. After this, the police issued 400 notices, out of which 236 notices were given to mosques, while 83 notices were given to temples, 22 notices were given to different churches and other religious places.  

Controversy reached these states

  • Rajasthan: This controversy has reached even in the Congress ruled state. According to the report, the Ajmer district administration has banned the installation of loudspeakers in any public place and religious place.
  • Uttarakhand: In this BJP-ruled state also, some Hindu organizations have demanded action regarding loudspeakers. However, no such guidelines have been issued by the state government yet.

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