Banda: Sister along with lover killed 10-year-old brother, now it was revealed in police investigation

UP News: In Banda, a sensational case came to light of a young woman along with her lover hatching a conspiracy to kidnap and murder a real brother. While disclosing the matter on Wednesday, the police said that to stop the marriage of the girlfriend, the lover first kidnapped his brother and then killed him. When the police arrested and interrogated both of them on the basis of suspicion, after which they accepted their crime. After which the police arrested the lover-girlfriend and sent them to jail.

relatives expressed this apprehension
the whole matter is of Baberu town of the district. Where BP, a 10-year-old teenager living near the Tindwari Road petrol pump, went missing on May 3, the day of his sister’s wedding. On May 7, his body was recovered from a pit on Marka Road in Baberu town. After which the family had expressed the possibility of killing the child. After which the police got active on the complaint of the relatives and started investigating the matter. When the police came to know that the sister of the deceased, Guddi, who was married on May 3. He was having a love affair with Rambabu, a resident of Raipur Sani village of Badausa area, then the police took Rambabu in their custody.

How’s murder?
When the police strictly interrogated him, he made a sensational disclosure of the whole matter. Lover Rambabu told the police that he was in love with Guddi, sister of the deceased Vinod. But the family was against it. He had fixed Guddi’s marriage at another place. On May 3, the day Guddi was getting married, he along with Guddi planned to kidnap her brother Vinod. So that this marriage stops and the same thing happened. Rambabu lured Guddi’s brother Vinod with him on the wedding day and he strangled Vinod to death under the influence of alcohol. Put in a pit filled with water and swamp on the roadside in the Marka road of Baberu town itself.

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How did the revelation happen?
On 7 May, the people around informed the police after coming to the smell from the pit. After which the police recovered Vinod’s body from the pit. Informed the relatives and the relatives came to the spot and identified Vinod’s body. Along with this, the possibility of kidnapping and murder of Vinod was also expressed. After which the police started investigating the whole matter. When the police caught Rambabu on the basis of suspicion and interrogated him strictly, he accepted his crime and told the whole story to the police. After which the police also arrested Vinod’s sister and Rambabu’s girlfriend Guddi. A case has been registered against both of them and sent to jail.

What did the Additional Superintendent of Police say?
While disclosing the murder, Additional Superintendent of Police, Banda Laxmi Niwas Mishra told that the body of a 10-year-old child was recovered under the police station Baberu. In this case, the police have arrested the sister of the deceased and her lover, while successfully disclosing the incident. Both the people were involved in the murder of the child. Both are being arrested and sent to jail. Additional Superintendent of Police told that the motive behind this incident was that this marriage would stop after the kidnapping.

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