Bank Locker New Rules: RBI gives big relief, extends deadline for renewal of bank locker agreement

Bank Locker New Rules: The Reserve Bank of India has given great relief to the customers using Bank Locker. Under which the central bank has extended the deadline for renewal of locker agreement by banks with customers (Bank Locker Agreement Deadline) for one year. Under this, now customers using bank locker will be able to renew the new agreement of bank locker till 31 December 2023. In such a situation, if you use bank locker, then this is important news for you.

Let us tell you that before this RBI had fixed the deadline of January 1, 2023. According to this, all the customers using the bank locker facility had to renew this new agreement before January 1, 2023.

The central bank has said that many banks had not informed the customers using their bank lockers about this new bank locker agreement. Due to which a large number of customers were not able to renew this new agreement. This is the reason why RBI has announced to extend the deadline for renewing the bank locker agreement till December 1, 2023.

According to RBI, no bank can now be negligent in implementing this agreement (New Locker Agreement). All banks will have to give this important information related to renewal of bank locker agreement (New Bank Locker Rules) to their existing bank locker customers by 30 April 2023. Not only this, RBI has issued strict instructions to all the banks in its new notification. According to which, regarding the new Bank Locker Rule, banks will have to ensure that 50 percent of its existing customers renew it by June 30, 2023 and 75 percent by September 30, 2023, i.e. on this new agreement. Get signed.


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