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Viraj throws Yuvan in his room. Yuvan pleads him to let him go to Banni. Viraj warns him to dare not talk about Banni. Charmi walks to Viraj and asks how did he convince Yuvan to lie. Viraj recalls threatening Yuvan to take Banni’s name or else he will punish Banni. Charmi praises his intelligence. Kaira feels frustrated that she couldn’t rehearse for her drama because of Yuvan’s viral video. Myra says she is selfish like their mother Manini and asks if she really is not bothered about Yuvan. Manini hears their conversation and scolds Myra for having such a thinking towards her mother, says she is working hard to settle their lives.

Banni while cooking recalls Rathod family’s drama and expresses her frustration in front of her brother Vishnu that the wicked family is not letting a grandson meet his grandfather and even spoke bad about her mother. Vishnu asks her to calm down and asks what is she going to do now. Banni says she will use her usual style to teach them a lesson and save Yuvan from them.

Hemath gathers family and informs them that he and Manini have decided to perform Yuvan and Niyati’s engagement in a week. He welcomes Niyati in their family. Niyati smirks at Manini. Devraj feels disheartened that Hemant took such a big decision without consulting him. His sister tries to comfort him and says Hemant is Yuvan’s father and they cannot question him. Devraj says he is Yuvan’s father’s father. He hopes Yuvan learns good manners from Banni, but Banni will not return to this house.

Niyati tries to get along well with Yuvan, but he continues to jus talk about Yuvan. Banni recalls Viraj talking about the Yuvan and Banni having pav bhaji in Ranakput and thinks he is surely involved in the conspiracy and she should get his phone to prove her doubt. She tries to connect to Devraj. Vishnu says Devraj is very old and cannot handle his own phone, then how will he steal Devraj’s phone. Mamisa informs her that her clients are waiting for her outside. She meets clients who show their concern for her as she didn’t deliver food to them yesterday. One of them offers his spare mobile to her until she busy a new mobile. Banni announces a free food today and thinks just like she gained her clients’ trust, she will gain Rathod family’s trust one day.

Precap: Banni asks Devraj to get Viraj’s phone to her.
Yuvan steals Viraj’s phone and hides. Viraj notices Yuvan’s plan written on the board.

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