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Banni asks Agastya if he was born with his swag and singing style or he learnt it. She says even he learnt it and requests him to listen to Yuvan’s song once. Agastya calls his staff and asks him to sing. Staff sings in a hoarse voice. Agastya asks Banni to let her husband be a bathroom singer itself and orders team to pack for the day. Banni pleads him to not walk out just like that witout listening to Yuvan. Show host tries to stop Banni saying Yuvan is a judge and she can’t block him. Argument ensues between Banni and Agastya. Agastya challenges Banni that if even 20 people like Yuvan’s song, he will not judge the competition and will let Yuvan compete in final top 10 contestants. Banni accepts his challenge and asks him to relay it live. Agastya agrees. Banni records his video and accepts his challenge and says she will make Yuvan a rocstar at any cost.

Manini gives speech during crematorium inauguration confusing it as amusement park inauguration. She says every person present there should visit this place and bring their relatives along. She says she will be the first person to come here. Show organizers ask Viraj why is his aunt giving this kind of speech at a creamatorium inauguration. Viraj signals Manini to stop, but Manini continues her speech and says her nephew wants to visit this place before her. Viraj informs her its a crematorium inauguration. Organizers show her name board and ask if she didn’t know that its a crematorium. Manini feels embarrassed and thinks Banni played a game with her. She requests media not to cover her speech, but media doesn’t listen to her.

Banni fumes after leaving the audition venue. Yuvan looks confident. Banni says they both will win over Aditya and prove him wrong. Manini returns home calling Banni and scolds Banni for supporting Bannni and sending her wrong inauguration card. Charmie says she didn’t watch the card properly. Brinda asks her what happened. Viraj informs that Charmie sent them a crematorium inauguration card instead of asumement park one, Manini gave a wrong speech inviting everyone to visit crematorium often. Alpana laughs hearing that. Manini says she regrets getting Viraj married to Charmie.

Devraj walks in and asks her to stop now. Manini says she knows they are all Banni’s puppets and are following her instructions. She says it would have been better if she had pet a dog instead of petting her. Charmie asks her to stop humiliating her more, even she has made them all her puppets. Manini tries to slap her. Banni holds her hand. Manini asks how dare she is to hold her hand. Banni says Charmie is a DIL of this house and is apologizing for her mistake, Manini should forgive her showing elderness. She asks Yuvan if she is speaking his mother’s advice. Yuvan says yes. Banni tells Manini that when she can protect Yuvan, she can protect even charmie from her. Manini walks away fuming. Charmie says Banni was right regarding Manini. Banni says one realizes their mistake only after they experience it. Manini questions Yuvan where Banni had taken him. Yuvan reveals that Banni took him to make him a singer.

Precap: Yuvan sings behind a curtain. Agastya says this voice should be in rocking star competition. Yuvan comes in front. Banni reminds Agastya’s promise to give Yuvan a chance if at least 20 people like his voice.

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