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Devraj feels disheartened recalling Hemant’s order that Manini will decide about Yuvan’s future and Devraj can meet Yuvan only with Manini’s permission. He gets a panic attack. Banni calls him and says she is innocent. He says he knows and wants her to visit his house soon. He walks to Yuvan’s room feeling uneasy. Yuvan and Niyati rush to him. Niyati goes out to bring help. Yuvan speaks to Banni. Banni thinking him as Devraj asks him to bring Viraj’s phone to her as she doubts him. Yuvan says he will steal Viraj’s phone and bring it to her. She asks him not to steal and do anything stupid. Phone gets disconnected. Banni tries to reconnect but fails and worries that Yuvan may steal Viraj’s phone. Niyati brings Hemant who notices Devraj unconscious and asks someone to call the doctor.

Banni gets ready to visit Yuvan’s house and stop him from stealing Viraj’s phone and herself get it somehow. Mamisa notices that and taunts her not to bother about Yuvan so much or else she will also be defamed like her mother. Banni is shocked to hear such words from her Mamisa and says if any neighbor tries to humiliate her, she will inscribe a tattoo on their forehead. Mamisa gets afraid hearing that. Banni leaves.

Devraj’s condition normalizes. Hemant shows his concern towards Devraj. Manini thinks Devraj is acting to stop Yuvan and Niyati’s engagement and orders Viraj to recheck the guest list and invite everyone as engagement ceremony will not stop. Devraj tells Hemant that he transferred his half property in Yuvan’s name which will be transferred to Yuvan’s wife after a year, so Manini is hurrying to get Yuvan married to her puppet Niyati. Hemant asks her to stop doubting Manini and leaves asking him to rest.

Yuvan thinks his mother taught him that stealing is bad, so he makes servant write a note on a blackboard for his mother. He then goes to Viraj to steal mobile from him while Viraj is busy dance practicing with Charmi. Yuvan drops Charmi when he feels someone is tickling him from behind. Yuvan hides. Charmi complains of breaking her back and asks him to help her. He takes her to room and massages her back. Yuvan silently steals mobile.

Banni rushes towards Yuvan’s house and calls Devraj repeatedly and when he doesn’t pick call, she calls Viraj. Yuvan hiding under the dining table picks call and says its him. Manini hears someone taking Banni’s name. Yuvan hides. Yuvan tells Banni that he stole Yuvan’s phone and says she can come and take it. Banni reaches outside Yuvan’s house. Viraj notices Yuvan’s confession on a black board. Servant says Yuvan wanted to steal his mobile. Viraj searches for his mobile and panics thinking if Yuvan gives phone to someone and if they see his chat script with the goons.

Yuvan is about to handover Viraj’s phone to Banni when a holy procession passes by. Yuvan panics hearing drum sound and recalls his mother’s death. Banni asks guard to let her get in and handle Yuvan, but he refuses and goes into call someone. Myra informs Viraj that Yuvan has gone out, but guards will not let him go out. Viraj rushes to Yuvan to snatch his phone back.

Precap: Viraj punishes Yuvan for stealing his mobile and trying to give it to Banni. Banni high jumps into the house and trashes Viraj.

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