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Kabir demands Agastya to fill sindhoor in Banni’s hairline and prove that they truly want to marry each other. Everyone stand shocked hearing that. Anya tells Myra that Kabir is more smarter than they think. Kabir asks Banni if she truly wants to marry Agastya, then get sindhoor applies via Agastya. Banni stands silent. Kabir says he knows she was faking wedding with Agastya to help Yuvan defeat Kabir and overpower him, but sadly its impossible. He says now Yuvan knows that his Banni chow will live alone her whole life, she couldn’t fool Kabir, and Kabir exposed her plan.

He plays drums to celebrate his victory and recalls getting a message that Banni is acting as marrying Agastya to get Yuvan out of Kabir. Tulika thinks how did Kabir find out about it. Kabir announces his and Tulika’s wedding tomorrow. Everyone stand silent. After some time, Bannni tells Agastya that she doesn’t know how Kabir found out about their fake marriage. Agastya saysif Kabir marries Tulika, then they can’t save Yuvan. Banni says someone doesn’t want Yuvan to be out.

Tulika thinks if she should reveal truth to Banni or not, and if she does, she will lose a love of her life Kabir and if she doesn’t, Banni will lose Yuvan forever. She tries to message Banni. Kabir snatches her phone and asks why she was messaging Banni. Tulika says Banni was crying. Kabir says she has an innocent heart which can’t identify enemy’s conspiracy, she would have lost him if Banni had got that message. He tries to stab himself. Tulika stops him and hugging him tightly says she can’t lose him.

Agastya gets Kabir’s message to come down with Banni. Banni reads it and walks down. Agastya thanks god that he didn’t send a message to Kabir on Rohan’s insistence. Viraj confronts Veer and asks if he informed Banni’s plan to Kabir. Veer denies. Viraj asks who else did that then. Kabir gathers family in a living room and announces that he would be marrying Tulika tomorrow and Banni would be garlanding her husband Yuvan’s photo. Banni stands shocked. Kabir says he will help her and tries to garland Yuvan’s photo. Banni snatches it and throws it away. She challenges Kabir that good always prevails over evil, she knows someone is supporting him, but she will find out truth. Kabir leaves.

Banni watches CCTV footage with Viraj and Charmie and notice Kabir getting someone’s message. She says they should reach the person who sent message to Kabir. Charmie says they can seek Tulika’s help. Banni says Tulika has gone to hospital, she will use her cooking skills and get the truth out. Myra says KaAbir gets angry seeing her and asks if Kabir will have her prepared food.

Precap: Banni uses her love to awaken Yuvan from Kabir’s mind.

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