Bastar: Tribals celebrate this special festival of 15 days in summer, women are not involved

Mati Puja 2022: The tribal dominated area of ​​Chhattisgarh, Bastar is known all over the country for its unique tradition, customs and way of life. The rituals of Teej festivals celebrated here are different. One of these festivals is the Mati festival. Celebrated in the summer days in the month of Chaitra, this soil festival has its own unique and special tradition. In fact, the tribals give a lot of respect to the soil of Bastar. They believe that the earth follows them and they do not have any problem in carrying their burden. Like mother, the earth nourishes them by giving them grains and returns hundreds of grains for one grain.

The festival is celebrated for 15 days

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Unmarried and married women are not included

Festival Ki Dhoom

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