Battle of life in hospital after rescue in Lucknow, treatment of injured continues, see list of injured

Lucknow Building Collapses: There has been a stir due to the collapse of a residential building on Wazir Hasanganj Road in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. In this accident, 14 people had been rescued till around 6 am on Wednesday. At the same time, the operation is still going on for about 13 hours. After this rescue operation, the possibility of three people being trapped is being expressed. On the other hand, the treatment of the injured is going on in the hospital. Their list has also been released.

The treatment of the injured is going on in the Civil Hospital of Lucknow. Lucknow’s CMO Dr. Manoj Agarwal has reached Civil Hospital. They will take care of the treatment of the injured admitted in the hospital. On the other hand, Deputy CM and Health Minister Brajesh Pathak has been given an update of the condition and treatment of the injured from the hospital. Apart from this, the list of the injured admitted in the hospital has also been issued by the administration. 

Read list here-
Amir Haider (36 age) 
Mustafa Haider  
Aloka Awasthi (30 age) 
Ranjana Awasthi (age 58)
Nasreen (age 52)
Ashley Byrne (age 70)
Yusuf Khan (age 59)
Shah Jahan (age 58)
Afreen (age 30) )

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