Beer will not be available near the stadium during FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar changes liquor policy

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar: FIFA World Cup 2022 is starting in Qatar from Sunday, but now Qatar has made a big change in the liquor policy. Actually, the sale of beer has been banned in eight football stadiums in and around Doha. According to media reports, Qatari authorities are pressing FIFA to ban all sales of longtime World Cup beer sponsor Budweiser in eight venues.

FIFA declines to comment

In 2014, Brazil changed its alcohol policy

It is noteworthy that the year 2014 FIFA World Cup was organized in Brazil. Actually, Brazil’s alcohol policy is different, but before the FIFA World Cup 2014, Brazil had changed its alcohol policy. Alcohol sales began in Brazilian stadiums during the 2014 FIFA World Cup after changes in Brazil’s alcohol policy. Earlier in 2010, Budweiser’s parent company AB InBev extended its contract with FIFA for a further year.

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