Before marriage, Rajesh Khanna had thrown Rishi Kapoor’s ring given to Dimple Kapadia!

Rajesh Khanna Dimple Kapadia Marriage: Rajesh Khanna was not only known for his film but also for his personal life. Let us tell you that Rajesh Khanna was married to Dimple Kapadia. Before marrying Rajesh Khanna, actor Rishi Kapoor was in Dimple’s life. Yes, Rishi Kapoor and Dimple did the film ‘Bobby’. I had worked together. According to media reports, the closeness between Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia had increased during the shooting of this film. Meanwhile, Rishi Kapoor also gifted a ring to Dimple. It is said that Rishi Kapoor and Dimple also wanted to get married.
However, Rishi Kapoor’s father Legendary Star Raj Kapoor was strictly against this relationship. According to the news, Raj Kapoor did not want Rishi Kapoor to marry Dimple. It is said that Rishi Kapoor did not avoid talking about his father. This was the reason why he started keeping distance from Dimple after this.

According to media reports, Rajesh Khanna knew that the ring Dimple was wearing was given to him by Rishi Kapoor. In such a situation, before marriage, Rajesh Khanna had thrown that ring of Dimple in the sea.

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