Beginning of the world famous Ajmer Sharif Urs, weddings and drums echoed in Garib Nawaz’s dargah

Urs in Ajmer Sharif Dargah: The 811th Urs has started in the Dargah of world famous Garib Nawaz Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chishti located in Ajmer, the religious city of Rajasthan. Is. On sighting of the moon of the Islamic month of Rajab, the formal beginning of Urs was announced. On this occasion, shaadiyans, drums and cymbals were played in Naubatkhana. 

Five gun salute was fired

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Urs is an example of national unity

In Ajmer Dargah Sharif (Dargah Sharif Ajmer), along with the echo of weddings, the process of congratulating Urs has also started. Here people hugged each other and said Urs Mubarak. This Urs, which gives the message of communal harmony and world peace, is also an example of national unity. Here thousands of Zairins from all over the country come to offer flowers of devotion to Khwaja’s bargah. With the commencement of the Urs, pilgrims are reaching the dargah in the form of a group with a basket of flowers on their head and a sheet spread in their hands. Devotees are praying here by offering chadar and flowers of devotion on the tomb.

800 years old ritual performed like this

The first gathering of the annual Urs took place after 11 pm in the gathering hall of the Dargah. According to the almost 800-year-old tradition, Dargah Diwan Jainual Abedin performed the first Ghusl ceremony at Mazar Sharif late at night. The magnificence of the gathering can be gauged from the fact that Nasheen, Zairin-e-Khwaja and Khadims of different dargahs of the country were sitting in the gathering. World renowned Qawwals presented Kalams in Persian and Braj Bhasha in the gathering. Fatiha was read after the last Kalam. In the end the Qawwals recited the Kadka. With this the first gathering came to an end.

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