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Tiwari dressed in suit standing in front of Anu and ask how am I looking. Anu says you have to act kike my husband you don’t have to be my husband. Tiwari says I’m nervous. Anu says don’t worry you are already a husband. Tiwari says I feel very classless infront of you. Anu says I don’t think you as classless and please be in role I’m warning you. Singhaniya at door says sorry I’m at wrong time you both wife and husband were fighting. Anu greet him and ask him to come inside. Singhaniya says was it wrong timing. Anu says no just sit-down it’s nothing like that and Anu sit with holding Tiwari’s hand. Tiwari gets happy and start acting and by mistake says Bhabhi to Anu. Anu says by mistake he call me bhabhi sometimes. Tiwari says I’m sorry. Singhaniya says it’s okay I was just taking exam. Anu ask why. Singhaniya says because him rich and handsome and sometimes my wife thinks some lady would start dating me. Anu says excuse me I’m a married woman and I love my husband and he also loves me a lot. Singhaniya says yes I saw that. Anu says it’s nothing. Singhaniya says I brought sweet for you and why not you two give eachother to eat. Anu and Tiwari give sweet to eachother and Tiwari hesitate to give Anu.

TMT in market. Angoori see them and ask them what happen to you why are you so low. TMT greet Angoori. Teeka says we are crying on our bad luck. Angoori ask tell me what happen. Teeka says Rusa cheated on us. Tillu says she broke our heart. Angoori says you should handle fragile things with care few days Tiwari brought a vase of mirror but a kid broke it that’s why you have to handle things with care. Malkhan says Rusa turned out yo be unfaithful. Angoori tells a story of movie on unfaithful and says now I’ll go. Tillu says we were sad so thought of telling you. Angoori says them come to home I’ll cook something for you.

Anu ask Singhaniya to to have something. Singhaniya says I’ll take and ask them where did you went for your honeymoon. Anu says Maldives. Tiwari says Dhurra Premnagar. Anu says first we went to Dhurra Premnagar from there we went to Maldives. Singhaniya ask how you can go from Dhurra Premnagar. Tiwari says what do you want we should discuss everything about our honeymoon. Singhaniya says I don’t mind. Tiwari shouts at him then says I’m genuinely sorry. Anu apologize when someone ask him something personal. Singhaniya says so he is a good person. Anu says yes he is gem of a person, Tiwari says to Anu yes bhabhi darling. Singhaniya says I understood I also call my wife as Chachi sometimes. David walks in and ask who is calling his wife chachi. Anu says meet he is Chacha of Vibhu. David says I’m David Mishra from London and ask who are you and who is this guy hiding his face. Singhaniya says he is your nephew and Tiwari turn his face. David says ge is not ny nephew. David shouts at him. Anu says please don’t be angry. David says I’m not angry. Tiwari try to bribe him, David shouts at him. Vibhu walks to David as Khajuri and ask who is troubling my David Darling. Singhaniya looks at them says they look wierd. Vibhu says to David introduce me to everyone. Singhaniya says I’m CK and who are you. David says she is my beautiful wife Khajuri David Mishra. Anu says Chachaji got less sodium so he make anyone his wife. Tiwari mocks Khajuri. Khajuri gets angry and says what are you talyto my daughter in law stay away or else I’ll beat you. David stop her says don’t waste time we are going to watch a movie. Khajuri says first I want to deal with this villain and beat him. Singhaniya says in what family did you got married. Khajuri get’s angry and says you know I’m from Akhbars family, what is your family. David says come let’s go and watch movie. Khajuri says I like movie with action and they both leave. Anu apologize to CK. He says I can understand my wife’s family is worst then them.

Angoori in kitchen cooking she gets call from Daidu, she pick up and greet him. Daidu greet her and ask how are you. Angoori ask how is everyone in family. Dadu says everyone is fine and Puttan got married in jail. Angoori says why did you tell me. Daidu says I got to know when his wife gave birth to child and that child is very cute. Angoori ask him what’s his name. Daidu says his name is Putin and he is very aggressive and says if you got tome go and meet him. Angoori says yes sure I’ll go. Daidu says you know Champak he will come in evening to meet you and Tiwari okay and disconnects call.

Anu, David, Vibhu and Saxena in Saxena’s house. Saxena doing Ritual to remove Khajuri’s sole. Saxena says your Vibhu will be normal in some time. Vibhu says where am I and see himself in saree, he gets scared. Anu ask him how are you. Vibhu says I’m fine but my body is paining. David walks to Vibhu and kiss him. Vibhu says what is this nonsense. David says I was checking if Khajuri is still left or not.

Tiwari at his house. Angoori bring snacks and says all the best. Tiwari ask Angoori did you ever meet this man Champak. Angoori says no never but Daidu use to tell me he is very rich person. Doorbell rings. Tiwari ask Angoori to check who is ringing bell. She open the door and see Mr. Singhaniya. Singhaniya says excuse me is this Tiwari’s house. Angoori ask are you Champak. He says yes Mr. Bhuray uncle send me. Angoori says yes come inside he is my father. Singhaniya greet her and aays your house is si beautiful where is jijaji. Tiwari walks in and get shocked after seeing Singhaniya. Tiwari think what happen now I cannot run away. Singhaniya ask Angoori is he your husband. Angoori says yes. Singhaniya says but he is husband of your neighbour. Angoori says her husband name is Vibhu and he is Manmohan Tiwari. Singhaniya says no deedee he said me that he is Vibhuti Narayan Mishra husband of Anita Mishra and ask him to tell truth. Angoori says no he is my husband. Singhaniya says you are confusing me. Angoori says he is my husband and his name is Manmohan Tiwari. Singhaniya says no he is husband to Mrs. Anita Mishra. Tiwari says yes I’m husband of Anita. Angoori get’s angry start crying and ask him from when are you doing this, I hate you and she walks away. Singhaniya ask what is going on and who are you. Tiwari says I’m Vibhuti Narayan Mishra. Singhaniya ask then is she calling you Vibhuti. He says her sodium level got reduced sometimes she calls me Daidu.

Daidu ask Vibhu how are you. Singhaniya says jiju is very intersting person. Bhuri Lal says he is not your jija your jija is Tiwari. Singhaniya says he is husband if Anita and ask Vibhu who’s husband are you. Vibhuti points towards Angoori says I’m her husband. David gets angry says what are you saying how can you be Angoori’s husband. Vibhu same way Tiwari can be Anita’s husband.

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