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Vibhu is returning home in the morning. He spots Angoori in the garden. Vibhu approaches her and greets her. Angoori gets scared from him. Vibhu asks Angoori why is she sad? Angoori replies, she’s really missing Lalit. Vibhu asks Angoori, who’s Lalit? Angoori tells Vibhu, he was really close to her. Vibhu asks Angoori that, where did she met Lalit. Angoori replies, before her marriage, she and Lalit used to spend hours in the woods with eachother. And she also used to feed him with her hands. Vibhu asks Angoori that if she really liked Lalit, then why didn’t she marry him. Angoori tells Vibhu that Lalit was a billy goat. Vibhu gets a relief. Vibhu asks Angoori where is Lalit now? Angoori starts crying, and tells Vibhu that some villager made Korma out of Lalit and ate him. Vibhu gets shocked. Angoori tells Vibhu that if she finds that villager someday, she will also make korma out of him and make all the village eat it. Vibhu tells Angoori to calm down. Angoori tells Vibhu that, Lalit’s birthday is coming up, and she’s going to throw a grand party. So, she asks Vibhu if he want to come. Vibhu says, why not, sure.

Anu is excited because her product got recognised in the market. Tiwari walks in Anu’s house and sits beside her. Anu tells Tiwari that her product got response from the market. Tiwari congratulates Anu. Anu gives Tiwari her product, and tells him to guess what is it? Tiwari examines it and asks Anu if it’s any kind of itching creme? Anu takes it and tells Tiwari that it’s an fairness creme. Tiwari apologizes Anu. Anu says that she’s looking for a business partner. Tiwari tells Anu that he can be a great business partner. Anu stares at Tiwari. Tiwari asks Anu, why is she staring at him like this. Anu tells Tiwari that she’s analysing him if he can be a suitable business partner or not. Tiwari asks Anu what she thinks. Anu tells Tiwari that he can be a great business partner. Tiwari gets delighted and asks what’s the first step? Anu tells Tiwari that she’s been working on this product for almost 9 years and spent about 10lacs rs and ask Tiwari to also spent 10lacs on this for equal partnership. Tiwari agress with her. Teeka and Tillu walks in Anu house with a basket of vegetables on Teeka’s head. Teeka and Tillu greets¬† Anu. Anu greets back. Teeka tells Anu that they have brought fresh vegetables for her. Anu asks Teeka and Tillu, why did they started this vegetable’s business? Teeka says just now. Tillu tells Anu that they sold all the vegetables, and now only these are left. Anu watches Teeka and Tillu and tells Tiwari that they will also need some staff in their business. And there no better people than Teeka and Tillu for the job.

Ammaji and Pandit Ramfal arrives that Tiwari’s house. Angoori comes in and greets Ammaji and Ramfal. Tiwari also shows up and greets them both. Tiwari tells Ramfal that he called to name his new business. Ramfal congratulates Tiwari on his business. Angoori leaves to gets some food for Ramfal.

Angoori and Anu are sitting together at Angoori’s house. Anu tells Angoori that she had a word with her mother, and she gave her a lot of blessings. Angoori tells Anu that that Mother’s blessings are really important of an individual to grow.

Vibhu and David are sitting together and drinking. Vibhu asks David, who named him with this name “Vibhuti”. David tells Vibhu that his father Ahuti, gave you this name. Vibhu says that he’s having a very similar name to his father’s. David tells Vibhu that everyone in their family have similar name and that’s our signature, and if anybody did anything with their signature he will kill him. Vibhu calms him down.

Anu, Tiwari and Ramfal are sitting together. Tiwari asks Ramfal for the name suggestion. Anu tells Ramfal to give a name which is easy to speak. Ramfal suggests “Anma”. Anu and Tiwari both likes the name.
Tiwari asks Ramfal if their product will get success? Ramfal tells them that their partnership will stay strong. Ramfal tells Tiwari if they really want to make their product successful they need to get a third partner named “Karamchand”. Tiwari asks Ramfal, how is he going to find someone named Karamchand? Ramfal makes it easy for Tiwari, and tells him to name their trustworthy person to Karamchand. Anu tells Tiwari that she knows a trustworthy person.

Vibhu says to David Anu us changing my name to Karamchand. David says to Anu I'm telling you already he won't change his name. Anu says I'll give you 10% from my business profit. David says to Vibhu change your name.
In party Tiwari announces we have changed Vibhuti's name to Karamchand. Angoori slaps Vibhu. Everyone in shock.

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