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Vibhu praises Angoori, says you cooked delicious food. Anu says yes Angoori is best. Angoori says enough now, thanks for the compliments and Ani please have some more Dahi Bhalle. Anu says I can’t have curd, I am allergic and get such red spot. Tiwari says to Anu, but curd is nutritious. Vibhu says she is allergic to all nutritious food, Tiwari says to Vibhu, stop pointing at her especially infront of me. Vibhu says who are you, Tiwari says to Anu, once me and Vibhu were having tea and its started drizzling and he started sneezing, all laught at Vibhu. Vibhu says once near his shop someone was crushing chillies and so I was sneezing. Anu says whatever Vibhu, you have week immunity system. Anu says even Tiwari has week immunity, he keeps complaining about knee ache. Anu asks did you consult someone, Tiwari says not really I had tablets but nothing works. Anu says even I have become lathargic, Anu says this is all because of Covid and everyone is facing these issues. Tiwari says Ayurved is the solution. Anu says but we don’t have any good ayurvedic doctors.
David walks in, Angoori and Anu greet him, Tiwari asks why are you late. David says a lady visited my saoon and she took time. Vibhu says to him but you run gents salon. David says she gave me head massage, when I gave her head massage, she said this is not how its done and gave me one. Tiwari and Vibhu mock him. David starts crying, Angoori scolds Tiwari for hurting David’s sentiments. Vibhu says Chachi keeps abusing you, you don’t cry. David says I started missing my father and its his birthday today and for his soul peace, we have to feed pigeons.

Vibhu infront of his grandfather’s picture, cutting cake, picture falls down and he finds a diary, David walks in and says your grandfather was an ayurvedic doctor and its his remedies, he was fabulous and world famous and his remedies where secret. Vibhu says I have this secret and will carry forward his legacy.

Tiwari asks Angoori not to give him buaji’s calls anymore. Vibhu walks in disguised with Prem. Prem says he is Tiwari runs a lingerie shop, Tiwari asks who is he. Vibhu says I am Hakim Surkha Lahori. Tiwari says very weird and asks who are you exactly. Prem says he is very renowned doctor, he fixes everything is minutes. Angoori says he has lot of problems. Hakim says I can tell you by checking his nerves. Hakim says he has knee ache. Tiwari and Angoori in awe. Angoori says check my nerves too. Hakim says she is tried and feels lathargic. Hakim says its time for solution and opens his suitcase and gives Tiwari medicine for his knees and says today you will walk all day in your knees.

Anu waiting for auto, Tiwari comes crawling to her, she gets scared and asks what is this. Tiwari says Hakim made me do this, its his solution for knee ache, Prem introduced me to this doctor. Anu says what nonsense but anyways carry on and do tell me if your knee gets any better. Anu seez Pelu and leaves in his auto. Pelu rides over Tiwari’s fingers. Tiwari abuses Pelu in pain.

Tiwari calls Angoori, And says my knee ache is gone. Angoori says this is amazing, walk me and show. Tiwari says I can run, walk, dance, jump. Angoori says it’s Hakim’s magic his medicine also helped me feel energetic and happy.
Tiwari plays music and he and Angoori dance together. Anu walks in and sees them dance. Angoori sees Anu and leaves Tiwari, he falls down.

TMT watching Rhusa workout and discuss about immunity and pronounce it wrong and says when pronounciation is wrong how will we manage. Rhusa says you three come here. Tilu says we are so happy to see you but 1 kg each won’t work. Rhusa says its 10kg each here try it. Malkhan goes first to pick unable to, Tilu tries and slips. Teeka tries and gets cramps.

Pre cap: Tiwari and Angoori tell Hakim that they want a baby, Angoori says and we can have it with your blessings.
Anu says to Hakim, she has a friend named Minal and her husband gets tired soon. Halim says give him this medicine and he will be energized.

Angoori and Tiwari dancing in bedroom, Tiwari slips and falls down the window.

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