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Tiwari is talking on his phone and telling that how good Angoori is performing. Vibhu passes by and tells Tiwari that today he will also see her perform. Tiwari hangs up the call and tells Vibhu that it’s now for poor people. Vibhu says that he has the money. Tiwari asks him to show the money. Vibhu says that he doesn’t talk to brokers. Tiwari says that it’s all happening because of him. Vibhu says, no doubt. He tells Tiwari that he can do anything for his self profit. Tiwari says that it’s his personal thing. Vibhu says that he respects women and whoever will try to disrespect them, he will grab their neck. Vibhu grabs Tiwari’s neck and Tiwari starts shouting. Agarwal shows up and asks Tiwari if he needs security? Vibhu leaves Tiwari. Tiwari denies and says that he doesn’t like violence. Vibhu and Agarwal starts arguing in poetries. Vibhu disrespects Agarwal and he leaves to watch Angoori’s dance. Vibhu shows Tiwari his money and also goes inside.

Agarwal is laying and waiting for Angoori. The servant comes in and pours drink for Agarwal. Vibhu comes in and kicks Agarwal aside so that he can sit. Agarwal tells Vibhu that he’s very mannerless. Vibhu tells him that it’s his area. Agarwal asks Vibhu that what will he do? Vibhu starts disrespecting Agarwal. Agarwal starts shouting and calls for help. Ammaji and Vibhu shows up to asks, what happened? Agarwal tells them that Vibhu is disrespecting him. Ammaji grabs Vibhu by his neck and picks him up. Vibhu takes out the money and Ammaji leaves him. Ammaji tells Agarwal that now he will not tease him. Vibhu sits back down. Angoori shows up and welcomes everyone. Vibhu tells Agarwal to stay in his limits. Agarwal ignores him and gives the money. Angoori uncovers her face and Agarwal gets mesmerised.

Anu is making coffee and searching for microwave. Anu calls Vibhu and David shows up. Anu asks David that where is microwave? David replies that it’s sold. Anu stares at David. David says that he was joking. Anu again asks that where is microwave? David laughs and says that he gave that to electrician because it was broken. Anu tells David to go and get it back. David leaves. MasterJi and Gupta sees David and discusses that how mannerless are David and Vibhu. Gupta says that they should tell the truth to Anu. MasterJi also agrees with him. MasterJi and Gupta tells Anu that David has sold the microwave with few more appliances to Tillu. Anu gets shocked.

Agarwal gets fed up of Vibhu and says that, he will never come here if Vibhu’s going to come. Ammaji yells at Vibhu and kicks him out of the room.

Happu is checking Anu’s profile on social media and gets mesmerised after seeing her picture. Anu comes in and sits in front of Happu. Happu sees her and gets scared. Anu tells Happu that she wants to file a complaint against David. Happu asks Anu, what happened? Anu tells Happu that David sold some of her kitchen appliances. Happu says that he will write the complaint. Anu tells Happu to also catch Tillu because he sold everything to him only. Happu says that he will catch him also.

Tiwari, Angoori and Ammaji are counting the money that they got off her performance. Ammaji adds all the money and says that they only have 5 lakhs. Ammaji gets frustrated and says she thinks that the ghost have left her and they don’t have to do this anymore. Angoori asks, really? AmmaJi starts coughing and Angoori and Tiwari gets scared. Angoori says that they cannot stop, she will perform and earn more money.

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