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Vibhu tells David tells the things that he can sell to get some money. Vibhu tells David that they can even sell Anu’s clothes and bed sheet that she doesn’t use anymore. David says that they will not get enough profit by selling clothes. Vibhu tells David that he has to bargain with the buyer. David says that he didn’t even did this much of hard work for himself. Vibhu tells David that he loves Angoori very much and he cant see her in the current situation. Anu brings Happu inside and Happu asks that, who is David? Anu tells Happu that he’s sitting right in front of him. Happu says that it’s his protocol. Vibhu asks Happu that where is he here? Happu says that David has stolen electric appliances from his own house. Vibhu gets shocked and acts like he didn’t know anything. Vibhu apologises on David’s behalf. Anu says that it’s too late now. Vibhu asks Happu for proof. David also agrees with Vibhu. Happu says that the evidence is standing outside. David starts laughing. Anu calls the evidence. Tillu comes in and Vibhu and David gets scared. Anu tells Tillu to tell the truth. Tillu says that they sold a lot stuff to him and also said that they will sell everything in the house. Anu tells Happu to arrest David. David tells them that Vibhu has a list in which he has list in which he have written that he will sell. Vibhu denies and says that he doesn’t have anything. Anu tells Happu to search Vibhu and Happu. Happu searches Vibhu and finds nothing. Then, Happu searches David and finds the list. Happu gives the list to Anu and she gets shocked to see everything written on the list. Vibhu says that David is a disgrace. Happu takes David and Tillu with him. Anu sits down and Vibhu leaves the house. Tiwari comes in and sits with Anu, Anu yells at Tiwari and tell him to leave.

Vibhu is standing on the streets. Vibhu says that he doesn’t have any money. Vibhu sees his ghost sitting on the tree. Vibhu gets shocked and asks that who’s he? His ghost tells Vibhu that it’s his personality who’s been with him since his childhood. Vibhu tells him that he loves Angoori, and anyone who even lends an eye on Angoori he will kill him. His ghost laughs at him. Vibhu asks his ghost if he have any money? His ghost disappears. Vibhu sits beside the tree. Saxena shows up looking very depressing. Vibhu asks Saxena, what happened? Saxena tells Vibhu that he wants to break Tiwari’s bones. Vibhu thinks that he can do that and decides to asks for some money in exchange. Vibhu tells Saxena that he can do it, but will charge some money for it. Saxena says that he’s ready to give any amount of money. Vibhu asks for 5 lakhs. Saxena says that he will give only 25 thousand. Vibhu tells Saxena that he will give Tiwari severe injuries. Saxena tells Vibhu that he will give him 5 lakhs. Teeka shows up with his juice stall and asks Vibhu and Saxena if they want some fresh juice? Vibhu tells him to make some juice for them. Teeka starts using the machine to make juice. Saxena sees “ghungroo” tied to Teeka machine and starts losing his mind. Saxena remembers Angoori performing after listening to the sound of ghungroo and starts slapping Teeka. Saxena gets mad and leaves. Teeka starts crying and Vibhu tells him to calm down.

Vibhu is waiting for Tiwari to arrive in the market with a wooden baton. Tiwari is coming back from market with Ammaji. Vibhu stops them and says that he will break Tiwari’s legs. Ammaji snatches the wooden baton from Vibhu and starts beating him. Vibhu starts limping and leaves.

Vibhu is disguised and shows up for Angoori’s performance. Tiwari sees him and asks, who is he? Vibhu is disguised and tells Tiwari that he’s “Nawab Jaanu” who has a lot of money. Tiwari apologises to him. Agarwal shows up and asks Tiwari that why is he treating him so politely instead of him? Vibhu and Agarwal starts arguing. Agarwal tells Tiwari that he has spent lakhs on Angoori. Vibhu says that spending lakhs is like pennies for him. Ammaji shows up and tells them to calm down. Everyone sits and waits for Angoori. Angoori shows up and sits in front of everyone. Agarwal gives money to make Angoori uncover her face. Vibhu also gives money and says that he will see her face first. Agarwal gives more money than Vibhu. Vibhu gives even more money and says that he will see the face first. Agarwal’s money gets finished, so he takes off his jewellery and gives it to Ammaji. Vibhu doesn’t stops and gives more money. Agarwal starts taking off his clothes and Ammaji and Tiwari stops him. Vibhu tells Tiwari to kick him out because he doesn’t have manners to sit in a gathering. Ammaji tells them to calm down. Vibhu calls the servant and gives him a knife. Vibhu tells him to stab Agarwal if he moves from his place. The servant agrees with him and Agarwal gets scared.

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