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Vibhu tied up sitting in hall. Anu walks to him with sandwich. Vibhu aays please leave me, I’m hungry too. Anu says I cooked sandwich for you. Vibhu says just look at it, it’s deformed. Anu says I’m getting late for my grooming classes, you have to eat this or else stay hungry. Vibhu says I love sandwich cooked by me. Anu says I won’t open or else stay like this I’m leaving. Vibhu says okay go. Anu says it’s dangerous to keep you loose, you will run out. David walks in. Vibhu greet him. David ask what is going on. Anu says handle him he is your responsibility and leave. David staring him and ask why are you trapping. Vibhu says I’m just helping people. David mocks him and ask what are you doing. Vibhu says I just do work of Tiwari and she cannot bear that. David says he is your enemy. Vibhu says no, he praises me a lot says I’m genius. David says Tiwari is using my formula to make you work and tell him everything. Vibhu says I’ll take revenge. David get’s call from Pappu Telemarketing and Teeka try to sell Visa for London. David shouts at him. Teeka get irritated.

Vibhu at tea stall thinking about Tiwari. Happu walks to Vibhu praises him says I was looking for you. Vibhu says what can I do for you. Happu praises him again and ask where did you get the feeling of helping others and ask him to deliver all the ghanghra at commissioner’s bunglow. Vibhu ask is this valuable for you. Happu says a lot. Vibhu says don’t worry I’ll do it. Happu kiss him on cheeks and leave.
Gupta walks to Vibhu says what are you doing here and start praising him. Vibhu says come to the point trll me how can I help you. Gupta says can you deliver these injection to that patient and get him injected. Vibhu says don’t worry work will be done. Gupta praise him and leave.
Master walks to Vibhu and start praising him. Vibhu ask how can I help you tell me. Master says can you give tution to a kid I will be thankful to you. Vibhu says don’t worry I’ll do it. Master thanks him and leave.

Tiwari on phone says I don’t have a faithful person who can bring 10 lakh rupees and I’m not feeling well or else I would have come, I cannot ask Tillu he is not trustworthy. Tiwari’s stomach start making voice he get up and leave. Angoori walks to sofa and sit. Vibhu walks to her and greet her and flirt with her. Angoori says leave I don’t want to talk to you. Vibhu says don’t worry I’ll not do any work of Tiwari. Angoori says promise you won’t cook anything for him. Vibhu says I won’t do any kind of work which may hurt you. Angoori thanks him and ask will you have coffee. Vibhu flirt with her. Angoori says cut vegetable till I bring coffee. Tiwari walks to hall and see Vibhu and says on call I’ll send one of my man for delivery and start praising Vibhu. Tiwari disconnects call. Vibhu says enough and ask shere is the location of money. Tiwari says from Baklol enterprises in Ram Narayan market. Vibhu says I’ll bring. Tiwari says it’s 10 lakh cash so please handle with care. Vibhu aays don’t worry I’ll bring.

Gupta at tea stall ask tea vendors Sharuk and ask him did you see Vibhu. He says no. Master walks to Gupta and ask did you see Vibhu. Gupta says don’t where he is hiding. Master ask what happen with you. Gupta says I ask him to deliver a injection for gas but don’t know wht he delivered and my patient start acting like women. Master says ask I ask him give tution of maths but started teaching him how to date a women. Tiwari wlaks to them and ask did you see Vibhu. Master ask did he do something to you. Tiwari says he run away with 10 lakh. Happu walks in and says he ran away with my job. Tiwari in shock ask how. Happu says I ask him to deliver lehenga at Commissioner’s house but he run away. Gupta says you were praising Vibhu did you see what happen. Happu says to Tiwari from next time I’ll arrest you. Tiwari says he ran away with my money.

Vibhu at his house reparing mixer. Happu, Vibhu, Master and Happu walk to him. Everyone scolds him. Vibhu why are you misbehaving with me in my house. Everyone tells there problem and ask why did you do this. David shouts and walk in with Anu and Angoori. David start scolding Tiwari and says told you about that trick. Vibhu says and he was using that trick on me and I can’t tell you what all work I did for them. Angoori says to Tiwari I hate you, how bad game you were playing with Vibhu. Happu ask what all work did he ask to do. Anu start scolding Happu and Gupta. Vibhu says I did work for everyone and this Tiwari called me when I was with Anu in cenima hall watching a horror movie, he ask me to deliver cash but in that parcel there were snacks and because of that my relation with Anu and Angoori got disturbed. Angoori says we had an misunderstanding I’m sorry Vibhu. Anu says infact everyone should apologies him. David ask Tiwari to Apologies or forget your 10 lakh. Tiwari Master, Happu and Gupta apologies. Vibhu return there parcel and says I want to prove how stupid a person can be. David says it’s getting late let’s have tea and ask Tiwari to make for everyone. Tiwari says I don’t know how to cook. David praises Vibhu for making tea. Anu praises Happu for his tea. Happu get’s up to make tea for everyone.

TMT at there godown. Prem walks in and says I have a good news from today call centre is closed. Malkhan ask why are you closing. Prem says because you are unable to sell anything. Teeka says nobody is ready to buy our products. Teeka says they always shouts and curse at us. Prem says this is oart if job but you are not capable enough go from here. Malkhan says guve us our salary. Prem says you didn’t sell anything why should I give you salary. Tillu says to Prem behave and he pick the tiffin and three of them walk away.

Tiwari, Angoori and Vibhu outside Tiwari’s house. Vibhu says I’m not scared of anything. Tiwari standing behind him blast a polythene. Vibhu get’s scared and start calling his mom.

Vibhu saya to Prem Tiwari insulted me infront of Angoori. Prem ask what are you going to do.

Anu on video call with Vibhu says you told you came out of shower but your hair are dry tell me what is happening, you lying to me. Vibhu says I got to go.

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