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Anu walks in Angoori’s house. Angoori welcome her and ask her to sit. Anu says I came here to ask something, did Vibhu came and said something to you. Angoori says yes he came in afternoon said many things to me but most of them goes over my head is there any problem. Anu says actually it is Vibhu missing from so much time. Angoori in shock what it’s 11 Tiwari also did came till now, he told me that he will come early and cook something special for me, so I was busy there. Anu says can you call him one-time. Angoori calls him and he did pick up says he didn’t pick up my phone. Anu says they both are not picking up phone, might be they both are together. Angoori says I’m scared is he kidnapped because businessman mostly get’s kidnapped so that kidnappers can get money in this matter Vibhu is out of trouble because he don’t do any work. Anu says I’m angry on them, we are worried for them and they are just not responding don’t know where they can be.

Vibhu and Tiwari on moped. Tiwari ask Vibhu to stop and he get down. Vibhu says where are you going come here that is someone’s house. Tiwari says don one thing take me to paan shop because I feel like doing romance with Angoori and if she smell my mouth it will be buzz kill. Vibhu says you won’t do any romance with your wife. Tiwari says who are you decide. Vibhu says you can’t even stand properly and you want to do romance and he gets call but he ignore it twice. Tiwari says I’m talking to you and you are busy with phone. Vibhu says Anu is calling me. Tiwari says I cannot handle you are ignoring her I won’t tolerate. Vibhuti says I have tolerated you in Prem’s party tell me one thing when you cannot handle why you drink so much. Tiwari says after two glass I didn’t get any buzz so in excitement I had many more and then couldn’t handle. Vibhu gets call but he hung up. Tiwari ask tell her that we are on the way. Vibhu says I didn’t tell Anu that we were in Prem’s party otherwise nothing could have been possible. Tiwari says in this matter I’m free Angoori don’t bother me much and get’s call from Angoori. Vibhu ask what happen. Tiwari says Angoori is calling me and there are 15 miss call earlier. Vibhu says Anu is calling me, situation is out of hand, they both are together let’s settle and reach our home fast.

They both on moped outside Tiwari’s house. Tiwari singing. Anu and Angoori sitting in garden. Tiwari get down and start laughing he sees them and gets shock. Vibhuti and Tiwari walks to them. Anu and Angoori ask where were you two, we have called you a lot see how much misscall we gave you. Vibhu and Tiwari try to fool them and says how they were trying to save a girl Prema and went to temple for your long life. Tiwari says to Anu yes Vibhu is right we fought to save that girl. Vibhu says Tiwari got hurt. Tiwari put ketchup on his hand and show to her. Angoori and Anu get’s worried. Anu says why didn’t you took him hospital. Vibhu says you were calling so much I thought there might be emergency and I thought he can live with one hand so we decided to come here first. Tiwari says that’s why we were unable to pick phone and start crying while saying sorry. Vibhu says to Anu I know you won’t convince, we can go to Saxena’s he is quite adjusting person. Anu and Angoori says to them you won’t go out, you did a brave job today. Angoori ask Tiwari to come inside. Vibhu whispers to him walk carefully.

TMT near tea stall. Malkhan says where is Rusa she didn’t come yet. Rusa walks to them and greet them. Teeka make space for her to sit and says I’m extremely sorry and ask how are you. Rusa says I’m good how you all are. Tillu praises her. Malkhan ask why did you call us. Rusa syas I have started writing poem again and you know my first poem is on you three. TMT get’s excited and ask her to say poem. Rusa ask Teeka to sit on other bench so that she can see them all and see expression. TMT sit together. Rusa start saying her poem which was disrespect for them and ask them for there reaction, I thought to write something good but there were no good thoughts for you three as you are good for nothing and this is clear I cannot be your life partner after I have to think about myself and says boys say something.

Tiwari in Vibhuti’s house calls him. Vibhu welcome him and says I was making some cake and you look fine now. Tiwari I was fine when our wife was looking for us. Vibhu says you are right we got a reason at right time or else we would be in trouble. Angoori and Anu listing them talking. Tiwari praise Vibhu for his idea. Vibhuti praises Tiwari for his presence of mind. Vibhu says thank to our mother in law you gave birth to stupid girls who believe easily what we say, I thought Anu was intelligent but last night she disappointed me too much and prove that girls don’t have brain at all. Tiwari says I cannot say anything about Angoori, the game is about being emotional and then see how they get trapped. Vibhu says women are full of sentiment and emotion, dumd and puppet am I right. Tiwari says yes. Vibhu says I’ll get you cake and coffee.

Angoori and Anu in cafe. Anu saya to Angoori did you see how they were laughing at us. Angoori says I was angry so much that time I thought of hitting them. Anu says they did so much wrong with us this time. Angoori says Tiwari always think me as dumb afterall all men think same. Anu says they think they played well but we have to show them we are sweet from heart and how bad we can go when someone think us fool. Angoori says we have to teach them this time. Anu says we have to show them how bad we can get. Angoori says I also want to take revenge from Tiwari, you are smart Anu do you have any idea. Anu says yes and tell her idea. Angoori says this is best planning now let’s eat.

Angoori sitting in hall. Vibhu walks to her and greet her. Angoori taunt him. Vibhu ask okay how are you, when I don’t see you my day goes bad so came to see you. Angoori ignore him and she gets call. Vibhu ask her where are you going. Angoori says I got call so going inside to talk. Vibhuti says you can talk here and can wait for your. Angoori says this call will last long. Vibhuti says I can wait. Angoori says to giving you hint cant you understand, I’m getting call from my friend and I’ll talk in private and she leaves. Vibhu thinks what happen to Angoori something is different


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