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Anu calls Angoori, Angoori picks her call and says sorry for the delay, Vibhu was around. Anu says dont worry and dont be scared just start your work. Angoori says okay and starts her drama and says I missed you so much, why did you take so long to call and I tell you Tiwari is so boring, and I was thinking of joining the office and I have a lot of work so cant get out of office. Vibhu hiding and listening. Amgoori says will you wait for me till then, my love. Vibhu says who is she talking to I am her love. Anu sees Tiwari and says Tiwari is here so bye.

Tiwari visits his tailor Zaffar, Zaffar says your shirt is ready, Tiwari says I hope it won’t tear this time, Zaffar says you may tear off but this shirt won’t, Tiwari says let me try and goes to the changing room. Anu walks in and asks him to show readymade shirt and she wants tio gift someone special, Zaffar says oh your husband, Anu says no not my husband, Tiwari hearing all this thinks it’s him. Zaffar says you need to stitch the shirt for proper fitting, Anu tells him measurements, Zaffar says this is so weird get the person here, Anu says no thankyou, I will find some other surprise and leaves. Tiwari thinks who is Anu with other than him and Vibhu.

Saxena walks to the tea stall and sees TMT lying around, Saxena asks the tea seller why they are this way, he says they are hurt in love, Saxena says that nice and says to TMT, pain in love is very special, Tilu asks have you been hurt. Saxena says my first love was and stands on table, TMT confused. Saxena says my first love was the Titanic heroine, Kate Willson. Tilu asks what did you do then. Saxena says I went to meet Kate, when she came to India, her team insulted me and didn’t let me meet her and my heart broke. Tilu asks how did you get over the pain. Saxena says I went through different shocks and went through a lot of pain so that God’s of love get impressed and as a result Kate messaged me over the internet. Teeka says so even if we torture overselves will God be happy with us. Saxena says yes he will atleats.

Vibhu and Tiwari drinking. Vibhu asks him how his business is doing, Tiwari says great and is looking to open a new branch too. Vibhu says the industrial area has a vacancy for receptionists. Tiwari says why will I leave my business. Vibhu says I am talking about bhabhiji she is smart and if she works there will be no money crunch. Tiwari says I don’t have any money crunch, Angoori wont work.
Tiwari asks Vibhu, are there any guests like chachaji or Anitas brother or father. Vibhu says no, why would you ask. Tiwari says nothing. Vibhu says you can’t handle drinks so go easy. Tiwari murmurs bhabhiji is out of control. Vibhu thinks Tiwari has no idea what bhabhiji is going to do.

Angoori walks to garden and act like using phone. Vibhuti walks to her and says good morning. Angoori greet him back and ask how are you. Vibhu says I’m good and flirts with her and says I want to ask you something if you don’t mind. Angoori says how can I decide this before hand. Vibhu says you are right. Angoori says tell me what’s the time. Vibhu says it’s 8a.m . Angoori says come later I need to make an urgent call go from here. Vibhu act he is leaving and hide beside the wall. Angoori call and says hello handsome, how are you ans I know you exercise in morning, you said you will share your photo but you didn’t, you are sending now good let me see, she looks at phone says you are fire Tony. Vibhuti hear and says he is fire and smoke is coming from me, where did she dind Tony. Angoori says I wish you would be my neighbour then it would be fun, so what if I’m married is there any problem with married women to play. Vibhu says I’m trying from so long to play but she is ready to play with him who is this Tony. Angoori start blushing and go inside. Vibhu thinks what did Tony said.

Commissioner and Happu Singh in market near vegetable stall. Commissioner says to Happu you know how much I love green vegetables. Happu says yes that’s why I brought you Phool Chand, he keeps fresh vegetables. Commissioner ask him about the rate of vegetables. Happu Singh tells the rate of all vegetables. Commissioner says to Happu tell me do you sell vegetables too in part time and why there is same rate for all vegetables. TMT walks to them. Teeka says because he has fixed rate on all vegetables. Happu says what rubbish are you talking. Tillu says he ahs fixed the commission on all vegetables and take it from Phool Chand. Teeka says I’m seeing this cauliflower from three days he said when it will rotten he will give it to me in free. Happu ask Yeeka to shutup. Commissioner shutup Happu and says from now on you will jot come with me to buy anything don’t know with haow many people you have fixed comission shame on you and he qalks away. TMT ask him to weigh vegetable. Happu start beating TMT and says listen if you try again to cone in between my work then I also don’t know what I can do more and scolds Phool Chand too. Saxena walks to them. Malkhan ask Saxena tell me now we will get Rusa. Saxena says sure you will get carry on with your ritual she will surely give you respons.

Angoori in market walking, Vibhu following her.
Anu in market, Tiwari following her.

A man ask Anu to stop that baby from crying. Anu says careful if you said anything about this kid or else the mother of this child will take revenge and don’t forget I’m the mother. Tiwari hear everything.

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