Bhagwan Dada, the richest actor of his era, had come on the road because of Kishore Kumar, had made this mistake!

Bhagwan Dada Life Facts: Talk about Bhagwan Dada, a famous actor of his era, whose life is no less than a film story. Bhagwan Dada was born in Amravati in a very poor family. However, Bhagwan Dada was counted among the richest stars of his era. Today we will tell you why Bhagwan Dada, the richest and famous star of his era, had finally come to the floor. However, before this, let me tell you some stories related to the wealth of Bhagwan Dada. According to media reports, Bhagwan Dada used to live in a 25-room house. 
This house was located in Juhu, a posh area of ​​Mumbai and had beautiful views of the sea. Not only this, if the news is to be believed, Bhagwan Dada had seven cars for seven days of the week, which he used in turn.

If media reports are to be believed, Bhagwan Dada had taken Kishore Kumar as the hero in the film and says that this was his biggest mistake. According to the news, due to the tantrums of Kishore Kumar, this film could never be completed and Bhagwan Dada had to bear the brunt of it. According to the news, Bhagwan Dada’s last time was spent in a chawl in Mumbai with great difficulty and it was here that he breathed his last.

Zeneat Aman’s life is full of ups and downs, after the death of her husband, the in-laws did such a treatment!

The name of Dharmendra, who was married twice, was associated with this actress, the actor took this step as soon as Hema Malini realized it!

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