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Lakshmi accidentally hits the dice as she is about to get out, Rishi not being able to control himself rushes to her, he explains that he has a lot of times asked her to take care of herself but she never listens to her, the entire court room is looking at her, he says that he has asked her to take care of herself since he would not be able to come help her since they are getting a divorce, the judge looks at them both, Malishka feels troubled as her desires might be ruined. Rishi realizing his mistake exclaims she is really careless and he asks her to go sit at the chair, they all are looking at her, he advises Lakshmi to not forget taking the tetanus injection, judge asks for order to be in the court room, she sends him to his seat before calling his mother.

Neelam comes to the stands when the lawyer questions if she agrees with the divorce when Neelam explains she is the mother-in-law so doesnot want the relation to be kept any longer, the judge replies that she is glad Neelam said it clear as now she will go to announce her verdict, the judge explains that they are here to give the verdict because if there is any relation then they do not have to keep it, she will not want any of them to lose the hope, she reveals that but there is something else in this case because Lakshmi never talked about filing for divorce but then when she got hurt, he only cared about the tetanus injection. She felt there is hope in this relation so she is giving them a second chance, in which both of them would live under the same roof for the next three months after which if they do not agree then she will herself grant the divorce, hearing this both Neelam and Malishka get tensed questioning what is she saying as they both filed for mutual divorce and she is not the one to pass such judgement, the judge gets really frustrated hearing this she asks if Neelam knows she is not standing in her house, Neelam tries to respond hearing which she orders her to go out of the court room.

The judge continues her judgement explaining that both Lakshmi and Rishi will live under the same roof for the next three months, coming to meet her after every fifteen days and if she witnesses that there has not been any progress then she is herself going to allow the divorce, until then Lakshmi will stay with him, she orders them to welcome her like a newly wedded wife, which is going to be recorded as only then would the court know they have accepted the decision, she stands up but rishi explains he cannot live for even three hours with her, hearing this she replies it is her decision which will be heard. Malishka questions if she is not understanding that Rishi no longer wants to stay with Lakshmi, The judge replies she said she can see what others cannot and so is going to grant this verdict.

Shalu and Bani hug Lakshmi in excitement which causes her to be tensed, as then they might figure out her truth however they both do not care and even Lakshmi is smiling, Rano wonders what is going on because Lakshmi wanted the divorce but then what is this, Chacha jee doesnot understand so she reveals that she knew Lakshmi just wanted the court order so she is able to enter the Oberoi house with full legal status, she thought that Lakshmi was doing this for the sake of money but in reality she wanted the entire property. Lakshmi looks to the other side where the entire Oberoi family is looking at her.
Neelam standing outside sees the lawyer so questions what is going on, he replies that the court has given Lakshmi three months to stay with them in their house and until that time no one can throw her out of the house.

Lakshmi is trying to stop the auto when Bani exclaims, they are strange people because when they need them then they stop but now are not even listening, Lakshmi explains she must not talk about them like this, Shalu explains that she first stops the auto then also drives them, Shalu sees Rishi so informs Lakshmi, he stops the car in front of her but doesnot respond even when she greets him, he leaves with Aayush. Rishi explains the only reason he ignored her is because that she should know he doesnot like her even when he used to like her as he fought with Malishka.

Sonia is with Malishka’s mom, seeing Malishka enter the house they both greet her as now she will be able to live with Rishi for the rest of her life now that Lakshmi has gotten the divorce, Malishka explains she did not get the divorce, hearing this they both get shocked and ask the reason, Neelam explains it is because of the decision of the judge, Dadi questions why is she coming back to this house when no one here likes her anymore and she cannot handle the drama in this age, they must not allow her to come. Karishma informs they will have to accept it since this is the order of the court, why is she hurt, Dadi replies it would have been better if no one advised for this divorce since they were living in their own house, Dadi questions who was so eager to file it, Dadi replies that now because of her this relationship has gotten a lot tense because now Lakshmi would come to stay in this house and if anything wrong happens it will be because of Malishka, she explains that had she not gone to get her signature then the case would not have gone to the court. Dadi starts scolding everyone asking why they not even ask her for anything because she is still the elder and has the right over them, she warns Neelam to not try defend Malishka who was not even able to take care of a single relation, she starts to breathe heavily when Neelam asks Sonia to bring water for her.

Rishi is with Aayush who questions what do they need to do tomorrow morning, Rishi replies he knows exactly how to deal with her, he heard her uncle and aunt talking, everything was her plan as she wanted to become the owner of Oberoi industries, she is coming to their house but he is not going to give her the satisfaction of being his wife, he assures Aayush that when the three months would be over he is going to warn her to never show her face to him because he trusted her as a friend, he thought their relation was more strong then even their relation as brother, Aayush tries to console him when Rishi replies he has found out the way by which he would be happy, it is by causing pain to Lakshmi. Aayush replies if he said it two days ago then he would have gotten mad with him but now cannot say anything because this is all the plan of Lakshmi, he cannot even find a single thread to support her. So rishi must do whatever he desires and has his full support. Rishi asks him to not talk with her when she comes to their house, Aayush replies that there is no chance.
Lakshmi is packing her clothes when she hurts her hand, she starts thinking of what happened in the court and how Rishi came to support her, Shalu sees her smiling.

Virender walks into the house when he questions what happened to his mother, she warns him to not make her say anything else, Neelam explains it happened because of Malishka and Lakshmi, Kiran tries to defend her daughter but Neelam explains nothing wrong would have happened because if Malishka had not been so stubborn, she requests Virender to help him because she is not able to take care of anything, he consoles her replying that even his condition is like her since they cannot do anything except watching, she replies he would be happy because his daughter is coming back, Virender disagrees replying that the Lakshmi who is coming back is not his daughter.

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