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In the night Malishka gets out of the bed because of fear, Kiran comes questioning what happened when Malishka explains that Lakshmi would steal her Rishi as she will win him over as he is still a man, Malishka mentions whatever she feels is coming true these days but Kiran assures she needs to rest for now because there is nothing to be worried about.

Lakshmi sitting on the sofa is thinking how Rishi left without even listening o him saying that she is just a liar when she thinks how would she tell him the reason she came here when he is not even talking to her, he walks into the room and even hits the boxing bag, she with a smile calls him but he is just furious with her questioning why is she laughing because this is what she desired when she questions why would she laugh at him, he takes the clothes exclaiming that she should, not make him open the mouth because there are a lot of questions, she thinks she can tell him but not now because he is really angry.

Rishi comes out after changing asking her to step away because he doesnot want to talk with her, she is just staying here because of the court and with due orders of the court however their relation has ended so this is just because of the force as if he had the choice then would not allow her, so she should not ask the question, Lakshmi explains he can ask her anything which she would reply without any worry, Rishi mentions she was standing in the court against him and even said a lot of things to him so he doesnot have to ask her for anything, Rishi mentions he tried for the last time to ask what does she desire when she replied she herself signed it but after that their relation changed but he is proud of her because she is still standing in front of him in his house, he exclaims she is a really good planner because of which the judge gave the decision in her favor when Lakshmi mentions she did not do anything wrong and it happened because of Bhagwan jee, Rishi says that people tend to have connection with lawyer or doctors but she just has the direct connection with Bhagwan, he leaves to sleep on the couch. Lakshmi asks him to come and sleep on the bed but he refuses to sleep with her, she wonders what can she do since he is really angry. Lakshmi is really tensed when he stands to turn off the lights.

Kiran asks Malishka to drink the milk as it will help her sleep peacefully, she questions if they both would be in the same room when Kiran mentions they are the orders of the court, Malishka exclaims even then he would not sleep with her on the same bed, Kiran replies she doesnot know him but Malishka knows him best, she demands her mother to tell her what she feels, she exclaims that rishi would have slept till now.

Rishi during the sleep falls from the couch because of which even Lakshmi wakes up, she helps him stand requesting that he come sleep with her on the bed since he moved a lot but Rishi doesnot listen to her, she gets a call of Shalu so walks out of the room, Rishi wonders who would be calling her at this time in the night, he wonders it might be Aayush but then realizes he is not talking with her.

Shalu wonders why is Lakshmi not answering her call, when Lakshmi finally answers Shalu questions what took her so long so Lakshmi explains she had to come out of the room, Shalu asks why was she not in the room asking if something happened between Rishi and Lakshmi, she informs that he is really angry with her so is not even listening to anything that she is trying to say, he even fell down from the couch but still refused to accept her advice of sleeping on the bed, Shalu exclaims this is what she told Lakshmi, she can make him accept her advice by any means necessary, she can either take the name of the judge or even kiss him hearing this Lakshmi ends the call.

Kiran questions who is Malishka trying to call she explains she is calling Rishi, he lying down on the couch is constantly thinking about Lakshmi and what was she saying, he thinks she would be lying as he doesnot move in the sleep. Kiran questions Malishka what happened when she exclaims, he would be sleeping.

Rishi sees Lakshmi coming so thinks that it would be Shalu because of whom she came back early, he closes his eyes but she is standing in front of him, she holds his hand because of which he questions what does she want, she asks if he knows what is this pointing towards the bed, he mentions he would have to show her the CCTV footage because he doesnot want to sleep with her on the bed, she takes the name of Judge mentioning she asked them to give their relation another chance and even is doing everything that she asked them to do but Rishi is not listening to anything and she will call her in the morning telling everything that happened, Rishi stands explaining he is not scared of anyone and she should never try to threaten him because he doesnot care about anything, he goes to the bed exclaiming he is going because of himself.

Lakshmi looking at him thinks he is a stubborn child while Rishi calls her as a blackmailer, she questions if he is not able to sleep but he says it doesnot concern her anymore so turns to sleep, in the middle of the night he hits Lakshmi in the face with his hand so she wakes up calling him as a Chargha.

Kiran asks Malishka where is she going, she explains she is going to the Oberoi mansion when Kiran asks her what is this madness as it is not right because she must trust Rishi, however she replies she doesnot trust Lakshmi and cannot bear that they both would be sleeping in the same bed, Kiran advises her to first call someone when Malishka thinks of calling Karishma but Kiran suggests her to call Neelam as she was the only one yelling in the court that she should be with Rishi.

Malishka calls Neelam who thinks that it would be the alarm so tries to wake Virender but he is not in the bed, she is shocked to see that Malishka is calling her so asks why is she calling at this time of the night. Malishka requests her to go and check if Rishi is sleeping alone, Neelam questions if she is listening to what she is saying because she might be sleeping however Malishka explains she saw a dream in which both of them were together so Lakshmi might be with Rishi. Neelam goes to check.

Lakshmi is in the bed with Rishi when she wakes up to see that he is sleeping without anything to cover himself, she calls him as a Chargha and drinks some water. Neelam walks out of the room explaining she is feeling really awkward going to the room of rishi, Malishka questions if she was right but Neelam replies she is a human so can walk slowly but what if it comes out to be the truth what she said, Malishka requests her to not say anything like this, Neelam replies she is going to the room.

Lakshmi covers Rishi when he takes hold of her hand, she starts smiling and doesnot even do anything to free her hand, she rests her head against his own head and then sleeps, Neelam is shocked to see them so informs Malishka who explains that she is coming right now, she doesnot even listen to Kiran.

Neelam is standing when Virender and Dadi come after their morning exercise so ask Neelam what was she doing, she refuses to accept that she was even looking in the room and leaves wondering what is Malishka making her do as she is not like this, Virender asks if she was their Lakshmi, Dadi explains she is scared and when a women is scared then she can do anything which can either turn everything for the good or make them even worse.

Kiran informs Malishka that she is just getting scared that Rishi gets out of her hand and it is not right so she must calm herself down as this much stress is turning her into a psychopath but this can ruin her relation with Rishi destroying everything, Malishka feels as she is telling the truth

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