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The Episode starts with Ayush asking Ahana to maintain distance with Lakshmi. Ahana asks how are you talking to her? Ayush says I used to respect and love her a lot, and thought she is an ideal, but I was wrong. Ahana says I will not bear any more word against her. Ayush says she has done magic on you, which she had done on me, I used to fight with others and threatened Malishka to stay away. Lakshmi asks did you really tell this to Malishka? Ayush swears on Karishma, and says Lakshmi proved me wrong. Ahana says you don’t have any idea, how much she helped me. Neelam comes there and asks Ahana to come. Lakshmi asks Neelam, how is her foot now? Neelam says I came to talk to Ahana now. Ahana asks how is your foot? Neelam says I am fine and says she came to bless her. She says Sonia and you are same for me. Ahana thanks her. Neelam takes her. Ayush also goes. Lakshmi thinks Mummy ji still have pain while walking, but she shall attend the roka, I will take care of her. Karishma asks Neelam, how is she? Neelam says I have to attend the roka somehow. Karishma says Gautam’s family was asking about you. Gautam’s mother asks her. Neelam says she is better. Lakshmi brings the chair. Neelam says no need. Gautam’s mother asks her to sit on the chair and says Lakshmi brought it for you. Karishma asks Sonia if Neelam is aware of Lakshmi’s pregnancy. Sonia says no.

Rishi goes behind Malishka and tries to talk to her. Malishka goes pretending to ignore him. Rishi asks Kiran to talk to Malishka, as she is talking to guys. Kiran says why shall I stop her, if she asks me why I didn’t stop you, then? Gautam tells that he likes the decorations and tells that Lakshmi is best in every way and especially the decoration. He says there will be a performance in the folk dance, and Ahana and I will dance together. Lakshmi asks the folk dancers to start. They start playing dhol. Ahana and Gautam dance. Malishka dances with a guy. Rishi gets jealous and comes to her. He dances with her. Lakshmi and others also dance. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Lakshmi goes from there. Malishka smiles and continues to dance. Dadi claps and says everyone danced well, and asks how was her dance? They say better than others. Dadi says I was clapping and got tired. Virender asks her to sit. Neelam asks Pandit ji to start the roka rasam. Pandit ji says ok. Karishma asks Neelam to start the rasam. Neelam says you are a mother and shall do. Karishma insists and asks Virender to say. Virender asks Neelam to do rasam. Lakshmi covers Ahana’s head with dupatta. Neelam does Ahana and Gautam’s aarti, while Pandit recites the mantras. Neelam gives the gift to Gautam. Gautam’s mother comes next and does their aarti, followed by gift for Ahana. Pandit ji says roka rasam is completed. Everyone claps. Dadi congrats Gautam’s family. Gautam says it ended soon, and says he didn’t get the marriage like feeling. He bends down on his knees and proposes Ahana with a ring. Ahana says yes. Gautam makes her wear ring. Karishma congrats and says bless of you. Gautam’s mother says after the roka, Ahana shall come to our house and tell me if she needs anything in the house. Gautam’s father says mother in law will buy it for her. Neelam asks really. Gautam says yes. They ask if they can take Ahana. Neelam asks Ahana to go. Kiran says even I will leave. Rishi takes Malishka to side. Malishka asks why are you behind me after whatever you did. Rishi says you can ask or question me, but you are blaming me. Malishka asks what do you want to prove after betraying me, but you impregnated her. Rishi says you are thinking me wrong and asks her not to accuse him. Malishka says you did a mistake, Lakshmi is pregnant and asks shall I explain how a girl gets pregnant. She asks him to go and be with her. Rishi says that baby is not mine, and tells that I have never any relation with her. Malishka asks are you saying truth? Rishi says yes, and swears on her and says infact I didn’t touch her.

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