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The Episode starts with Malishka coming to the court room and seeing Rishi fine. She thinks if they have killed Rishi. She comes inside and asks where is Rishi? Abhay asks why did you come here? Malishka starts blaming Lakshmi and says today Rishi’s life is in danger because of you, today all family members are in danger. She sees Rishi standing on the ice sill while rope is tied on his neck. Malishka goes to Lakshmi and says you used to act to be great and asks where is your love for them. She asks her to tell terrorist to kill her and leave the family. Lakshmi says she said 50000 times and pleads infront of Mohnish to kill her, and leave everyone. Balram tells that Rishi will become cold in sometime. Mohnish says 1 hero and 2 heroines, call Police. ACP says we will kill the terrorists once we get the permission. Inspector says we will kill them even if we don’t get permission. Mohnish talks to ACP and tells that Rishi is hanging between life and death and his life is melting. He says fulfill my demands fast else I will start killing people, and begin with Rishi first. ACP asks him to wait until his demand is fulfilled, and asks him not to harm anyone. Mohnish says if his demand is not fulfilled, then he will send 1 dead body every 10 mins. He calls his superior and tells that Mohnish has gone mad and will do anything. The SSP asks him to talk to Mohnish that they are thinking about his demand. ACP says I talked already. He tells that they have no option than to fulfill his demands and leave the other terrorists. SSP says if they leave the jailed terrorists then they will take revenge and plan blast at many places. ACP tells him about the terrorists hanging Rishi and says if they kill people then? SSP says he will talk to Home Minister. Reporter hears and asks cameraman to open the camera. He says breaking news, we are outside the court, and Mohnish has kept Oberoi family captive, and says if his demand is not fulfilled then he said that he will hang Rishi Oberoi and others. ACP and Inspector ask Reporter to leave. Devika hears and says nothing shall happen to Rishi Bhai. She cries.

Mohnish asks Judge to hit the hammer, and then says I will give the verdict and will throw all of your dead bodies out one by one. Lakshmi sees the ice melting on which Rishi is standing. Devika hopes Dadi’s prayers shall be listened by God, else destruction will happen. Rishi smiles while he is about to get hanged. Lakshmi says you are smiling. Rishi says yes, to get good ideas. Mohnish says you still think that you can get away from here. He asks Oberoi family to see him smiling for the last time. Karishma asks Virender to talk to Commissioner, so that Rishi can get saved. Mohnish asks if Commissioner is your friend, and says lets see what he will do? He says even if my three friends are freed, then also I will kill Rishi surely, I will not let my terror end, and will kill him. Malishka throws file on Mohnish. Mohnish asks who has done this? Ayush thinks Malishka is mad, to provoke him. He thinks she will die, and will take everyone’s lives. Mohnish comes to Malishka to shoot her, but Lakshmi comes infront of him and says Malishka threw it in anger. Mohnish says she (Malishka) is trying to woo your husband and you are saving your sautan. Lakshmi says nothing is bigger than anyone’s life. Ayush asks Judge to see that Lakshmi can’t see her enemy dying and you people think that she will mix poison in people’s food.

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